I immediately took my dog and washed her mouth with a hose. Could it be the mother? i am wondering if my dog … If your dog has had shots, it's unlikely it has rabies. If I was you, I would get your dog to the vet immediately! My two kill 'possums all the time. Sometimes the mouth gets foamy when the dog gets something really nasty in its mouth-- one time my dog was stupid enough to grab the back end of a worried skunk and he got sprayed directly in the mouth. My Dog Just Killed a Possum. If you suspect that possums might be trapped below your deck, provide them with a temporary means of escape. THere was no blood, but he probably did puncture him. Possums though. Opossums are very easy to catch. My dog killed a baybay possum..is it a sign? My husband, hero that he is to me, had dealt with the possum who was now lying in state on the nature strip. is it bad to have someone else train your dog? My dog killed a baby possum last night and a pretty bloody scene. My dog killed a baybay possum..is it a sign? I would get a booster if she was my dog. The first thing i do is congratuate my dog with a pat on the head. I know it's totally normal but I want to be safe. My dogs killed a possum! While opossums can transmit a … i hope he has had his shots and the foaming was just a reaction to the mangleing of the possum. My dog caught a possum! But really they're harmless. It is a sign that you have possums in your neighborhood. Possums I LOVE. Possums don't get rabies. My dog bit and killed a possum in my back yard. За да разрешите на Verizon Media и на нашите партньори да обработват вашите лични данни, изберете 'Приемам', или изберете 'Управление на настройките' за повече информация и за управление на вашите избори. Whether your dog killed a baby possum or an adult possum, the chances of finding rabies in the possums are the same and are luckily very low. Tweet. Also even if the possum had rabies and the dog just caught it, the dog wouldn't have rabies so immediately that its mouth would foam. No fuss, almost no effort. Even some of them bear rabies, and they are more dangerous for open wounds. I'm sure the possum didn't taste too good, hence the excessive salivation. he has had his rabies shot. my dog killed a possum and it scrated her.lip and nose. In this case, a possum is dangerous to a dog or any other pet, like a cat. My dog killed a ''possum today. Neither dog, the "muttweiler" or the cocker spaniel have any signs of bites or scratches. He killed possums. 1) 1 - … So if your dog messes with a possum, and the possum doesn't play dead, it might bite back. it is an extremely weird and wonderful problem, although. They're nasty, vile-looking creatures, like giant pale rat. : Last night around 1AM I heard alot of rockus and barking from my dogs. Take the possum to the animal control so they can send it off to be tested. Create a temporary one-way exit for any trapped possums. I got to him before he was able to tear into it. Keep wormer on hand. he has had his rabies shot. Instead of sealing up the final section of screening, use 1 ⁄ 4 inch (6.4 mm) grid screening to form door or a funnel that the possum can get out of but can't get back in through. They eat grubs and bugs and mind their own business. Depends on what breed of dog. Foaming from the mouth is one of the last stages of rabies but you should definitely still take the dog to the vet. - posted in Just plain ol B.S. Scared the Hell Out of Me! He does not have any visible scratch's or cuts and is up to date with - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. If you dog is up to date on vaccinations then your dog should pretty much be protected but talking w/your vet is the best. There really isn't anything a dog can catch from an opossum- as long as your dog has it's rabies shots, don't worry (even though rabies is really rare in most areas) Ours kill possums, raccoons, and foxes all the time, and are perfectly fine, except for the occasional scratch. A vet visit is pronounced. Aww…look at that cutie-patootie. She is up to date with her rabies shots. If My Dog Killed a Mouse, Does She Need to Get Any Shots? “I’ve done my bit,” he said. My pet dog, the killer ... a farm boy, prises possum from dog’s reluctant jaws and chucks it in the bin. Hello my dog just killed what i think is a possum in our back yard. The incubation period for rabies is 2-8 weeks - so, needless to say, if your dog was infected, he/she wouldn't show signs immediately. I’ll make a list of dog breeds I’m certain would kill a possum, right after a little story about Ranger a red and white Husky I once owned. My dog killed a possum? The owners are on … How to Get Rid of Possums: While other wild animals allow a number of different control techniques, when it comes to opossums, the only real way to get rid of them is via trapping and removal. um... that's not good. Such creatures can also carry fleas that may be carriers of diseases, such as Murine typhus. His mouth foamed and foamed, and he was eating dirt and spitting it out and running in circles-- well it was pretty funny but we all felt sorry for him too and my dad washed him and his mouth out with tomato juice. This time the possum was very clearly mortally wounded, but still alive. Answer this question. Научете повече за начините, по които използваме вашата информация, в нашата Политика за поверителност и Политика относно бисквитките. I fell kinda bad for the possum but will the mother try Attack my dog Opossums, like virtually any wild creature, can carry diseases that can be transmitted to mammals, and to humans as well, such as coccidiosis, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, trichomoniasis, and Chagas disease. If your dog has been bitten by a possum, then you need to visit Animal Control and ask them my dog attacked a possum what should I do?