), trim off both stem ends. Cut the flesh . This is another handy way of cutting a mango without having to slice off a whole cheek first and then cutting it. Cut the flesh along the seed. Starting from the top of the fruit, cut all of the way down to the bottom. Then finally, what we’ve got left is the pit … 1. To cut a mango: 1. With a sharp knife, cut the mango, keeping about 1 cm to the mango stalk; thus, you will avoid touching the seeds, and only the part of mango with the pulp will be removed. Learn to quickly cut a mango two ways along with how to make refreshing mango water. Then, cut off any remaining skin. First, assemble the mango, knife and cutting board. The fruit side of your mango half will then have equal-sized cubes sticking out. Always wash the mango before cutting, so that bacteria doesn’t transfer from the skin to the knife, to the flesh. Arrange the mango slices on a plate, so it looks really fancy. Method 2 of 3: Peeling a Mango with a Vegetable Peeler. Repeat the process until you have stripped the mango of its skin. 4 Cut away pit and trim it: Take the mango piece with the pit, lay it flat on the cutting board. To start, holding the mango securely on the cutting board, cut a sliver off the stem end. Cutting a mango doesn’t have to be difficult. How to cut a mango Use your knife to cut through the flesh, about 1cm (or half a finger-width) away from the center of the fruit to give you one ‘cheek’ Repeat on the other side of the mango. Place the mango on a cutting board lengthwise and hold it firmly with one hand. Stand the mango up on its flat base that you’ve just removed. Photo: Kirsten Nunez . Photo: Kirsten Nunez . You want to look for a ripe mango.Especially, if you want to cut the mango right away. #1 Simple Knife and Board Technique. Place a mango on its side on a cutting board. If you prefer removing the skin from the mango before cutting, a Y-peeler will come in handy. Tropical, sweet, delicious. If you don’t know yet you can learn them with this guide and learn some new skills to make amazing new recipes for yourself and your families. To cut your mango using a knife only, carefully turn your mango half inside-out by pressing the skin side outward with your thumbs. The most iconic mango cut is the hedgehog style. To cut a mango, proceed as follows: wash the mango thoroughly, dry it with a clean cloth. Cut down the cheek using diagonal cuts. To cut a mango, start by peeling the mango gently. You want to cut as close to the skin as possible, without cutting through the skin. Trim the cubes off the skin using the … It looks much more appealing for people to take a little slice of mango like that. Cut the mango's thickest side downwards, from top to bottom, as close to the pit as you can, then repeat on the other side. This is where you’re going to get the bulk of your cut mango pieces. All you need is a sharp knife (chefs knife is recommended, but a paring knife will work) and a large spoon. STEP 3 – REMOVE MANGO “CHEEKS” The fullest, fleshiest sides of the mango are called the “cheeks.” Starting from the … When you cut a mango, you will see two techniques, maybe most of you even know about them. Start about 1/4″ from the center, following the curve of the pit. Make sure you pick out a mango that is ripe. If the mango is ripe, your … How to Cut a mango, the safe way. Photo: Kirsten Nunez . The best way to cut a mango - 2 quick hacks. When you begin cutting the mango, remember to wash it first to remove any dirt or oils that may be sitting on it. Lay the mango on its side and cut off the stem. Wash the fruit. Slice off a thin strip of mango skin, cutting away from your body. This will allow you to situate the mango on its end for easy cutting. Place your knife on the topmost tip of your mango and cut straight down until you hit the large pit. First, place the stem … Hold one of the two large sections of mango in your palm, skin-side-up. 2. Then slice off the cheek, and at the same time you’ve got diagonal slices. Step One: The first step to cutting the mango is to make a slice off one of the sides. Stand the mango upright where the stem used to be. You will now have two flesh ovals with skin. How to Cut a Mango into Chunks. After you’ve created a grid-like pattern in … … This method involves cutting both vertical and horizontal lines across the cheek of the mango. Cutting the Cheeks: Place mango on a cutting board with the stem facing up. Put the mango on a cutting … Then, holding that small knife like you would hold a candy apple, slice all the fruit you can off both sides and the edge of the pit. Don’t deprive yourself of this yummy, exotic treat and follow these easy steps on how to cut a mango in only one minute. This will allow you to stand the mango upright, making it safer to cut the mango from top to bottom. Repeat this process with the left side of the mango. It’s important to pick mangoes that are firm and do not have dents in the skin or feel too soft on touch. A mango seems like a bloody knife accident just waiting to happen; I mean, soft texture plus solid seed does not a simple slice make. Here are two simple, easy methods you can use to get the most delicious fruit off of your mango. Once the sides are sliced, I like to also cut off the remaining flesh to gather the most mango as … Mango’s unmistakable flavor lends a burst of sunshine to any dish! If the mango is still too … Then, press the back side of the mango cheek and turn it inside out, making it resemble a hedgehog's back. Rotate the mango around and cut a small slice off the opposite end. If you feel the pit, shift your knife outward a bit. Stand the fruit upright (bottom stem-side down)—it should stand up on a flat bottom. Then repeat with the other side. You should end up with three pieces: two rounded pieces and one flat piece containing the pit. Carefully make two long vertical slices in the mango, coming as close to the seed as possible without cutting into it. But getting to that sweet deliciousness can be intimidating and a bit of a challenging task. Preparing the mango the following way will cut through the tough fruit fibers, making it easier to eat. There is nothing better than a ripe and juicy mango in the summer, and if you've ever struggled getting to the flesh, or wondered the right way to cut a mango, I'm here to help! Wash the mango under running water, then lay the mango on your cutting board. Holding it in place with the short knife, cut around the inside of the peel with the other one and lift the pit out of the peel ring. To wash it, hold it … A mango’s seed is flat and almost as long as the fruit. It only requires four major cuts and then scoring the flesh to make slices or cubes. In … The rounder the mango, the more impressive the display will be, with beautiful golden chunks protruding from it in rows. Each mango has a long flat seed in the center—once you know how to steer clear of it, the rest is easy. Step By Step Instructions: How To Cut A Mango. The following guide is my preferred method to yield the most flesh from a mango. Place the two oval sliced pieces of mango off to the side. Just push down on the skin and if it leaves a dent, then your mango is ready to slice. https://www.jamieoliver.com/features/how-to-cut-and-slice-a-mango You can either do that with a knife like they used to do in the old days of the military or you can use a potato peeler. Score the cheeks into cubes without cutting through the skin. How to Cut a Mango. With the mango lying on the cutting board skin-down, gently yet firmly cut the mango away from the skin. Set your mango on its side on a cutting board, and with a sharp knife (dull knives are dangerous! Find the stem. Place your mango on the cutting board and determine which side is tallest. How to Cut a Mango. https://spy.com/articles/hacks/home-hacks/how-to-cut-a-mango-283187 The mango seed (or pit) will be positioned along that side. Using the tip of your knife and going from top to bottom, make evenly spaced cuts across the fruit; be sure not to cut through the skin. 2. Don’t cut in very far or you’ll hit the pit. Using a large chef’s knife, cut around the pit on one side. Cut so the bottom of the mango is now an even surface and can stand up on your cutting board without shifting. Luckily for you, I’m here to show you a couple of ways to cut a mango … Insert a sharp knife about ¼-inch to the right of the midline. Mangoes are one of the tastiest fruits out there. Slice vertically down the length of the mango about a quarter of an inch from the stem. Slice the … Cut the base (the end with the stem) off the mango. This is the classic way to cut a mango—and one of the easiest. 1. Once you have your mango peeled, place the wider end of your mango on the cutting board. Peel or no peel, there is a right way to slice a mango. Be careful … Find the flat side of the mango, and turn the mango to where that side is facing sideways. You should end up with three pieces: two halves, and a middle section that includes the pit. Stand the mango on its side, with the stem facing away from you. To cut a mango the old-fashioned way you first have to skin it. Try to make thin and shallow cuts to avoid leaving too much mango flesh on the skin. Slice off the wider side, making sure to avoid the pit. Leaving a small space on the left and right sides of the stem, use a chef's knife to cut off the sides of the mango. If it's hard to slice, you're probably cutting into the pit—move your knife until you can slice without trouble. A step-by-step guide for how to cut a mango into uniform slices or dices, two different ways. Why not start the day with this Mango Papaya Smoothie or add a tropical punch to Thanksgiving with this scrumptious Cranberry Mango Sauce.. How to pick the best mango. This first strategy takes you back to the basics. With step-by-step photos and detailed instructions, learn how to peel and cut a mango a couple of different ways so you can enjoy this deliciously tropical fruit! Stab the pit hard enough with the short-bladed knife to impale it. Our mangoes bring all the boys to the yard... Thank you to my co-editor Sharon who helped me flip it and reverse it #damnright #itsbetterthanyours #mangovoodoo #pilipinoway #pruits #mango #philippines #cutmango. 3. STEP 2 – STAND UPRIGHT. Place the knife along the top of the mango. Here’s how you can score a mango and cut it into chunks. To use one, place your fruit vertically on a cutting board and center the splitter on top of it. A mango splitter is a tool specifically designed to halve a mango while removing the pit. Step Two: peel the mango. STEP 1 – REMOVE BASE. Once you slice through, you’ll have one mango “cheek.” Repeat on the other side. Start by cutting off both sides along the seed. To make the mango easier to hold, cut a thin slice off the bottom so you have a flat side to rest it on. Slice the strips toward the cutting board. If the fruit feels hard to the touch, let it ripen on the counter for a few days before cutting into it. Note that you are NOT cutting the skin away from the mango. Put the fruit on a cutting board and slice the two sides. This will leave you with two "cheeks" and the pit, still surrounded with some flesh. 4. When you’re done cutting parallel lines across the flesh, simply turn the cheek inside out. How to Cut a Mango. Take your paring knife and carefully slice off the cubes of mango away from you without cutting through the skin. Advertisement. If your knife hits the seed, you may need to re-position it and try again. Using either a knife or vegetable peeler, cut off the peel of the mango (as close to the fruit as possible) A post shared by Ava Musnicki (@___flava___) on Oct 6, 2017 at 10:42pm PDT. Method 2: using a spoon. Once you’ve come in … Method #1: No Peel This … How to cut a mango in 5 steps 1. So you must cut around it. While peeling a mango, see that you don’t feel like a superhero and use way too much pressure as you may land up flinging the slippery fruit out of your hand and on the floor or again, you may just squeeze and waste some precious pulp in the process. Rotate the mango so the vertical cuts look horizontal and create a crosshatch pattern by repeating the same … To remove it, stand the mango upright on a cutting board so that the stem end is facing up. Mangoes are one of the easiest fruits you can cut and require little to no knife skills.