Aug 27, 2015 - Revani is a semolina dessert. I have tried basboussa once and loved it to the core.. Ravanija - Revani - Semolina Cake with Syrup - Balkanlicious We love semolina’s grainy, nutty texture, the goodness from yoghurt and the refreshing lemony flavor in revani. This dessert is easy to make and serves many, perfect for feeding a … Thank you for the recipe. The traditional recipe calls for yogurt, since I ran out of it – I tried a different method using condensed milk. Merhaba Ken, thank you for your note – Revani batter is quite runny even with the coarse semolina, though with using (finer) semolina grain or flour, you may need to add 2-3 tbsp more of your finer grain. Bring to a boil and as soon as the sugar melts completely, remove from heat. Dear Sarah, thank you very much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy our version of revani; my mother always make it with mild olive oil, it is lighter but still packed with flavor. Makes 16 Slices. Revani is a Turkish sweet semolina cake soaked in sugar syrup.I have adapted the recipe from here and tweaked it as per our taste to make it eggless.. Kevser-February 25, 2015. Aug 27, 2015 - Revani is a semolina dessert. Tweet. For syrup; Wow what a rich and decadent semolina cake. Teşekkür ederim for the recipe!! 0 from 0 votes. Print. If not, bake for another 3-5 minutes. I made the Revani yesterday and it was a hit with everyone. My daughter’s revani cupcake; turned out wonderful!:). This looks absolutely delicious. Beat the eggs with 1 cup sugar until the mixture whitens and thickens to the point where it drips slowly down when you lift up the spoon. Just to let you know, Revani and many other Turkish recipes are included at my cookery book, Ozlem’s Turkish Table, which can be ordered at this link (with prompt delivery worldwide), with best wishes and Afiyet Olsun! Here is the step-by-step for this basbousa (semolina cake): (print-friendly recipe to follow) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Place the butter in a small bowl and melt in the microwave. Bu revani o kadar guzel ki anlatamam. Should this be separated, 2 Tbsp to grease the pan plus 2 Tbsp for the recipe or 4 Tbsp for the batter? Baking this cakecright now, am excited! Thanks so much for this recipe. These lines which depict the life in Istanbul of 16 th century are from a poem by Revani, an Ottoman poet, an infamous libertine who lived in late 15 th and early 16 th centuries. Revani has been a popular dessert with us Turks since the Ottoman Period; it is believed that the name Revani is given when the Ottomans conquered the city of Yerevan in today’s Armenia. My cookery book, Ozlem’s Turkish Table, Recipes from My Homeland, is a special tribute to my roots, going back to Antakya. You will need. I am hoping to publish my manti recipe soon; don’t have the sam tatlisi here yet, will keep you posted once I get around to it. Twitter. Whisk eggwhites with a pinch of sugar in an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Bake Cake– Pour it in the greased baking tray. Thank you so much for sharing, afiyet olsun : ) Revani is a traditional Middle Eastern sweet cake that has grown in popularity around the Mediterranean. Once it boils, reduce the heat to low and let the syrup simmer for about 10 minutes, uncovered. I will see what is available here (Canada) and if I can get the grain semolina I will gladly try the recipe again and let you know how it works. Thank you Phil, this is a little lighter than normal, but we do enjoy it – thanks for giving it a go! Do we pour cool down syrup over hot cake while in pan? Prepare Oven and Baking Tray– Grease a square baking tray with oil. And revani the dessert is said to be named after Revani the poet. Whisk to combine. Revani . Combine butter, condensed Milk and mix well. Easy Revani Recipe. Aubergine with Kisir, spicy chickpeas and zataar yoghurt * If you make this recipe, don’t forget to tag us on social media. Merhaba Mayine, many thanks for your note – you are right, 2 tbsp goes into greasing the pan and the remaining 2 tbsp goes into the recipe; thanks for letting me know, I made this clear in the recipe – hope you enjoy Revani! Facebook. Revani - Recipes for Sweets and Savories from a Turkish Foodie As revani is popular throughout the eastern Mediterranean countries, you will find slightly different versions depending on the recipe's origin. By. Ozlem, Hello, Eggless Butterless Chocolate Cake (Basic Chocolate Cake ), ©2020 Cookingwithsapana. Indeed, Turkish cuisine, coming from Ottoman cuisine, is one of the most varied and appreciated in the world. To check; insert a toothpick to the center of the cake, if it comes out clean, that means the cake is cooked. baking powder; 225gr/8oz/1 cup plain (whole milk) yoghurt; 3 medium eggs; 60ml/ 4 tbsp. Actually the only difference is in the name,in Egypt it is called Basbousa and in Turkey it is well known by the name of ‘Revani “. Bake at … I baked it last night and had a little this morning, wow. I have tried this dish. Make Batter– In a mixing bowl add condensed milk, yogurt, and olive oil. Thanks so much. First beat the eggs and the sugar in a large mixing bowl briskly for a few minutes, until the sugar dissolves. I also used mild olive oil here and worked really well; lighter but still packed with a lot of flavor. Combine the sugar and water in a medium saucepan (at a medium heat). Hi there, I was wondering if you put holes in the cake before adding the syrup? Many thanks for stopping by, Ozlem, I tried Revani yesterday. Keep it aside to cool. :) If you would like to bake revani as cupcakes, make sure to grease each cupcake shell with olive oil and not to overfill. Sambali is a Turkish dessert with syrup made with semolina and has no egg, flour, and oil in it. A mouthwatering traditional Greek dessert with the flavours and aromas of flaked coconut and oranges ( Turn the heat off and let the syrup cool down while you make the semolina cake. Pour Syrup and Decorate– Remove from the oven and pour the cool syrup over the warm cake. There are many delicious, easy to follow recipes in the blog, I hope you enjoy them.
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