Their appearance is also intimidating which makes them excellent guard dogs. Pitbull cross Rottweiler dogs can have attributes of a parent, however, there isn’t any way to know which ones they could inherit. Pit Chows are born from an American Pitbull Terrier and a Chow Chow. Rottweiler pitbull mixed breed-Back in the time, cross-breed or mixed dogs are known as mutts. Because these problems can have long-lasting effects, if you’re considering a shelter dog, we recommend finding out as much as you can about why they ended up there. Rottweilers and pit bulls are both strong breeds, but … Trying to train them later in life can be difficult, particularly if you don’t know what their past experience with people was. Love Your Dog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Owning a Pitweiler is a truly satisfying, two-way relationship. At the start of the article, we mentioned that both Pitbulls and Rottweilers have high prey drives, or a motivation to chase, catch, and kill that’s typical in working dogs. It’s difficult to specify the exact cost of buying a Pitweiler from a breeder—price will depend on factors such as location, breeder reputation, and more. The Pitweiler is a somewhat large-sized dog produced from crossing a Pitbull (preferably American but English as well) with a Rottweiler. Providing all the information pet owners need to live a better life with their furry pal. A. Mar 26, 2019 - Explore Dog Breeds 101's board "Rottweiler (Mix)" on Pinterest. However, in the current world, dogs are usually cross-bred to give rise to new breeds that have the appearance, personalities, and temperaments of both kinds, for example, Rottweiler mix with Pitbull or Pitweiler. How about considering a pit bull terrier mix? They aren’t big barkers either, only using their voice when there’s a reason to, which may be startling for anyone who doesn’t know their gentle nature. "Kira the 2-year-old female Rottweiler / Pit Bull mix loves to play with kids and is very good with them. Otherwise, the short coat that the Pitweiler inherits from both parent breeds is good news for anyone who prefers to invest little effort in grooming. Everyone has their favorite sports, from the Dalmachshund, the Cockapoo, the labradoodle or even a Pitweiler. When this bull mix is trained well, you truly see the historical traits of the breeds coming out. However, it does have some characteristic physical features, and you can probably picture the square head and bulky, muscular body without a problem. A Rottweiler Pitbull mix dog is referred to with many different combinations of the names of the parent breeds: Pitbull Rottweiler mix, Rottie, Rott bull, Rottie Pit, Prott, Rotten Pit, Pit mix or the American Pitweiler. Its strongest asset is its ability to make an excellent watchdog, which is just one reason many families opt for this mix, unlike the rottie/lab mix which is usually less watchdog, more family companion. Interestingly, despite the name, the American Pit Bull Terrier is actually a British term, with the American version more commonly known as the American Staffordshire Terrier. Pitweilers take after their Rottweiler parent in that they are rather aloof. Deva as a puppy—her mom was an American Pitbull Terrier and dad was Rottweiler. While not naturally aggressive towards people, the pitbull has a protective and strong-willed demeanor that makes it a fiercely loyal pet. The exception would be if you are uncomfortable clipping your dog’s nails. Historically, both dogs are excellent guard dogs, which, in modern times, translates to a vigilant obedience. That will help rule out any of the potential conditions below. Even fifteen minutes at a time is sufficient. Gia is a sweet and friendly girl that needs a home. Much like the pittie Labrador cross, we can say that they are playful, energetic dogs with lots of strength. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand that you can get any combination of the characteristics found in either breed. Thinking of adopting a Pitweiler? Rottweiler Pitbull Mix. Many owners might stray away from this mixed breed because of the negative connotations surrounding Pitbulls and Rottweilers. Sophie was a great companion to her best girl friend Gus Gus (our hound mix) right up till Gus Gus passed 7 months ago. Tags: Rottweiler-American Pit Bull Terrier Dogs for adoption in Iroquois, IL, USA. Now that you know a little bit about the Pitweiler’s parent breeds, it’s time to take a look at what you can expect from this mix. Posted Breed: Rottweiler / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat). Listly by Rosalie Galvez. This mix is pretty common at shelters due to its Pitbull heritage. Nowadays, ‘designer dogs’ are gaining popularity. It’s best to know what you’re getting yourself into, and whether you can handle it. She is a large cross breed with talents in agility, tracking, competitive obedience and guarding. Otherwise, you may find yourself having difficulty controlling this muscular pet when he’s fully grown. However you engage them, Pitweilers lead happier lives when they have access to bigger living spaces and outdoor areas; apartment living isn’t for them. Pitweilers also sometimes have either merle or brindle patterning. The Rottweiler Pitbull Mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Rottweiler and the Pitbull. Owning a truly intelligent and caring breed of dog is one of life’s great pleasures that will constantly bring warmth and affection into your life. But before we get down to business, we did want to mention that predicting the traits of a mixed breed can be difficult at best. The personality, appearance, and care needs of your Rottweiler Pitbull mix will depend on the characteristics it inherits from its parents. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when or why these two breeds were crossed, but the result is a spectacular combination of each. However, in the current world, dogs are usually cross-bred to give rise to new breeds that have the appearance, personalities, and temperaments of both kinds, for example, Rottweiler mix with Pitbull or Pitweiler. Their stature is medium to large – male dogs can weigh up to 100 lbs and get to a height of 23 inches. You can expect any number of colors from this mix. Take a look at some Rottweiler Pitbull mixes that are for sale. Clicker training is another effective method for Pitweilers. Investing in a Rottweiler Pitbull mix puppy ensures that you will be able to train them to be a loyal, faithful and non-aggressive companion. Their build is stocky, square and very proportionate. Should you decide to add another canine to the mix, it should be the opposite sex. How much does a Rottie puppy cost? The mixed breed of a Rottweiler Pitbull sometimes has the misfortune of having adopted a negative reputation due to sloppy, lazy training and bad bloodlines. An Emotional Support Animal Letter lets you live and travel independently with your pet. This time should allow for adequate digestion to avoid the bloat issue we mentioned in the previous section. The upside to adopting from a shelter is that you will spend considerably less money than if you buy from a breeder. The downside is that you will have to wait until the shelter has this breed, which is never a guarantee.
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