Subscribe to a software that best suits you. The platform assists sales reps by securely capturing, storing, and analyzing team calls and meetings, offering data-driven insights on the language that buyers prefer, among other things. Top list of SaaS companies. Zapier is a tool that allows businesses to integrate tools and automate workflows. See why Nextiva was just named the Best Overall Business Phone Service for 2020. Chatvisor provides customer service solutions like co-browsing, live chat and chatbots, and customer experience analytics like session recordings, heatmaps and behavioral rules which can help you reduce bounce rates.Â, Website: Category: Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Software, Semantic Search Founder: Marko Lauhiala Founded: 2018 Funding: N/A. They can then add it all to Buffer and choose the dates and times for when each piece of content will post, automatically, to specific social sites. What initially started as a tag manager for website tracking—before Google launched Tag Manager—it has become so much more. specially designed for real estate developers. Since its founding at the turn of the previous decade, Square has been on a mission to make those two crucial components of business simple and – dare we say – even enjoyable. Top 40+ SaaS Companies & Providers to Watch Out For in 2020. Before Guru, there was Confluence. Then it will automatically display products that are trending to increase conversion and overall sales. To ensure projects are not overlooked, Evernote provides businesses with the ability to capture and prioritize ideas, projects, and to-do lists. It feels silly and reductive to even attempt a capsule writeup explaining Google’s impact on the SaaS world. TalentHunter ensures full anonymity until you accept an interview offer. Give Wix a look and upgrade your business’s digital storefront. Source: RJMetrics The best SaaS businesses have a LTV to CAC ratio that is … 3. With Slack, you can hold continuous discussions and share important documents anywhere and anytime. In today’s app overload world, the impact of this simple premise is game-changing for data-driven companies. It lets you create a free anonymous profile on their platform and matches you with top tech companies. Their latest funding was raised on Oct 20, 2017, from a Seed round. The SaaS industry is forecast to generate $157 billion by 2022. Here we have compiled a list of SaaS companies who have redefined the way things work and will be worth looking out for in the upcoming year. Before Trello and Asana, there was JIRA. If your sales team hunts for big deals, give Terminus a look and see what it can do for your business. All you need is your web browser or a smartphone to enjoy the benefits without any startup costs. The gradual reliance upon cloud-based services began in information technology (IT) leadership roles. SaaS accounts for about 25% of all software and is set to grow. If a business is looking to find out whether or not they are customer-centric and empathetic enough, UserTesting can help you. SaaS companies are the constant support for your website in the competitive market. Salesforce took on the incumbent Oracle with tenacity and ferociousness and was victorious. Their latest funding was raised on Oct 3, 2018, from a Series B round. So here is a list of all the SaaS companies in Chennai in Alphabetical Order. Unlike Square, Stripe’s focus was serving developers with tools to make payment processing easy in their applications. Verrency has raised a total of $14.6M in funding over 3 rounds. ZoomInfo is the kingpin in sales and marketing intelligence, offering the world’s most powerful platform for gaining company and individual contact data for sales and marketing outreach. These days, companies are applying the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to just about everything, from core business functions, including IT, to industry-specific processes. Sharad Bhardwaj is a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. It is a content management SaaS platform. Organize your content calendar? Check them out and see what all the hype is about. TravelPerk is a corporate travel management software that allows organizations to book, budget, and manage their business travel. Andreas Limberopoulos, Hugh Krantz, Nathan Merzvinskis. We Have Listed Noteworthy 40+ SaaS Companies & Providers To Watch Out in 2020 1. Users can track changes across all entities to uncover the root causes of any issue and to solve them quicker. You can read more about the Grid® Scoring Technology here. Food Delivery companies like DoorDash and Postmates? List of Best SaaS Software. More and more people are opting for SaaS. But every time, when someone asked about the list of SaaS Companies in Chennai, there was no listing available. That’s the definition of industry dominance, and it’s earned DocuSign a spot on this list. Gusto burst onto the tech scene in 2011 with a simple-yet-pivotal vision: make payroll, benefits, and HR software geared towards small businesses and startups. Curious Thing has raised a total of A$1.5M in funding over 1 round. Website: Category: video recording and sharing Founder: Karthi Mariappan S Founded: 2016 Funding: N/A, It is a video personalization and distribution platform that leverages your video assets to boost your marketing, sales, and email campaigns.HippoVideo offers solutions and features like video marketing, video selling, video testimonials, recorder API, audience demographics, etc.  Â, Website: Category: Sales Automation, Software Founder: Praveen Kumar, Vengat Krishnaraj Founded: 2015 Funding: N/A, Klenty is a sales engagement SaaS product. Website: Category: Android, App Marketing, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Software, Internet, iOS, Marketing, Marketing Automation, SaaS, Software Founder: Christian Ryder, David Shackleton Founded: 2015 Funding: N/A, OpenBack is the only Mobile Engagement Platform that uses machine learning, edge computing, and device-side decisions to create smart push notifications for your app. Constant Contact is an email marketing platform that provides businesses with email, social media, and event marketing tools. The company employs over 4,000 people and has sparked a new generation of digital marketing professionals who rely on content, digital channels, and an integrated sales and marketing funnel to capture new market share. 10 SaaS companies got funded in October 2020. The market has responded. Grammarly is a classic example of a tool whose premise – while simple at heart – is so universally applicable and beneficial that it truly qualifies as a must-have. This is my personal list, in 2016, this portfolio gained 40%+. Facilio is a leading multi-site facility operation and maintenance software. At least 100 companies are expected to top $1 billion in ARR in 2019. However, that number isn’t going to stay for long. Established in 2014, CoSchedule has more than 9,000 customers and is utilized in more than 100 nations. Thanks to Shopify, it’s literally never been easier to build a business, find customers, and sell them your products. Intercom is a customer messaging platform that offers support and marketing services that keep businesses connected with customers throughout the customer’s journey. 2020 State of Business Communication Report: Eric Siu is the CEO of digital marketing agency, Best Overall Business Phone Service for 2020, In-Depth Comparison of the 3 Types of CRM, CRM vs. Website: Category: SaaS Founder: Andrew Veitch, Kevin Dorren Founded: 2019 Funding: Machine Labs has raised a total of $1M in funding over 1 round. Since its phone system operates exclusively in the cloud, employees and managers will both appreciate the freedom it provides. There are indeed thousands of them out there. The scope of Cornerstone’s applications is immense – covering learning, talent management, and employee experience. Quickly identify trends and set business goals based off of the data collected by Mixpanel. At one point, Business Insider reported that a staggering 90% of Fortune 500 companies used DocuSign. Launched in 2002, the Provo-based company took the business world by storm in the 2010s, leading to a 2018 acquisition by the next company on this list. BI software is a class of computer applications that process and analyze corporate data to produce quality insights and help you understand the health of your business. Their latest funding was raised on Jul 18, 2019, from a Series C round. The undisputed leader in eSignature platforms,  DocuSign is a cloud-based electronic signature software that makes it dead simple for users to sign and collaborate on legal documents online. GDPR is quite important for the countries in the European Union and it’s violation leads to huge fines. The granddaddy of all email marketing platforms, MailChimp is a marketing automation platform that is used to send marketing emails and automated messages, as well as to create targeted campaigns. How did Atlassian reach a billion in revenue without an enterprise sales team? At a high level, Chorus enables businesses to learn from their teams’ conversations to provide better experiences for their customers. It uses IoT and machine learning to help manage building operations, maintenance, and sustainability. Tech-focused Venture Capitalists can find a bevy of upcoming SaaS giants … if they know where to look. The all-in-one hosting, sharing, and streaming video platform grew by leaps and bounds over the course of the 2010s, offering a fast, customizable, high-quality, and easily embeddable ad-free video player for businesses and individuals. Website: Category: Digital Media, Local, Tourism, Travel Founder: Charles Black, Matthew Ryan Founded: 2016 Funding: CycleLifeHQ has raised a total of A$740K in funding over 3 rounds. Information Technology (IT) departments long held their tech stack close to the vest and have been perceived as adversarial to change. You can add using Intuit products as one of the three certainties in life, death and, yup, taxes. Since its founding in 2008, the company has delivered on that promise and then some – offering employees a single powerful application for organizing their thoughts, publishing documents, collaborating, and more. List of SaaS companies in India. But did you know that Microsoft is also one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies on the planet? Website: Category: Computer, Professional Services, Software Founder: Derry Holt, James Heath Founded: 2015 Funding: OneUp Sales has raised a total of £150K in funding over 1 round. Elevio lets you embed assistant, hotspot, and elements on your website which, can deliver contextual help to the visitors and it develops a report that can be reviewed to know how people are engaging with your website. Standuply could assist you to keep your team engaged and you can set it up in a way to track their performance too. So here is a list of 50 SaaS companies of note with a little bit of everything mixed in. Website: Category: macOS, Subscription Service Founder: Oleksandr Kosovan Founded: 2016 Funding: N/A. Buffer is a social media management tool that offers businesses the ability to save time with content posting. Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Marketing, SaaS, Software. There’s a 99.999% chance that you or someone you know has used an Intuit product in the last year. CloudApp makes it dead simple to create instantly shareable GIFs, videos, and personalized messages using their simple-yet-robust screen capture, editing, and analytics tools. Leave that up to Zapier. Fret not. Before Slack, there was Atlassian HipChat. Need to log an email in Asana or Trello? Firstly, the Covid-19 … An early forerunner in the survey space, SurveyMonkey allows you to create surveys and collaborate on them with team members. Wix hosts a whopping 160 million websites —yes, you read that number right. This was a Seed round raised on Feb 4, 2019. G uest Author: For more than 8 years, Sreeram Sreenivasan has worked with variousFortune 500 Companies in areas of Business Intelligence, Sales & Marketing Strategy. The end result: Businesses have the freedom to arrange work and projects in ways that best suit their processes. A pioneer in the cloud infrastructure and IT management space, VMWare helps businesses securely access the apps and data they need, from anywhere. Share useful data and charts with a presentation style that will take your business to the next level, using Prezi. New companies are being launched, and most impressively, old guard software firms are engaging in impressive reinventions as SaaS providers. There had to be a better way. Its tools can assist your company to set goals and objectives for employees so they can have a clear vision of what they’re working for. The service also offers capabilities for businesses to send targeted emails, as well as in-app and push messages. Zuora helps companies offer subscription billing models to customers via their cloud-based invoicing software. It needs specialized servers to send and receive email messages, manage user credentials, filter spam, and on top of all that, apply software updates. One of the longest-tenured companies on this list, Cisco was founded in 1984 and now has 35,000+ employees in over 115 countries. The 2010s were a banner year for online videos. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) stocks have been the best performers in 2020. Nathan Latka keynote delivered in Dublin at SaaStock focuses on 8 steps founders must go through to g… As video continues to proliferate in the 2020s, expect more major moves from Vimeo in the decade ahead. Subscription-based software companies have changed the way today’s businesses operate, and their contributions continue to be an integral part of the future. There are 15,529 SaaS companies in the world, according to a list of SaaS companies obtained from Crunchbase in June 2020. This was a Seed round raised on Feb 4, 2019. CycleLifeHQ is one of a kind SaaS service. The system provides recruitment, training, management, and collaboration solutions for all business sizes. Here we have compiled a list of SaaS companies who have redefined the way things work and will be worth looking out for in the upcoming year. The difficulties in communication due to time zone differences can be overcome by running asynchronous meetings through text, audio or video. SmileBack is an easy to use customer satisfaction platform. Zapier’s got your back. See why web developers swear by New Relic for objective reporting and performance analysis. AirTable makes it seamless and visual, offering a ton of apps, integrations, calendars, content sharing, configuration, and group sorting capabilities. BSFT BroadSoft, Inc. 4. automates routine work, including task … Specific channels also make sure your information is neatly organized and in one place. Have a drink on Salesforce and the benefits it brought to sales organizations the world over. PipeCandy provides insights, research, predictions, and data about global eCommerce sectors. Get your team using Grammarly and never worry again about error-fraught emails, articles, and memos. The cloud-based commerce platform is the force behind the eCommerce revolution of the 2010s, offering its users the ability to design, set up, and manage their stores across multiple sales channels. If your business thrives on big data, you’ll love Tableau. Although vertical SaaS is highly specific and only suitable for certain categories or types of products, it is a strategy that can be very successful. With Wix, you can choose from hundreds of templates for your site and have unlimited pages. But, one of the more exciting SaaS stocks on this list is Okta (NASDAQ: OKTA ), given the company… Its database software, Oracle Database, is the number one RMDBS on the planet ahead of contemporaries Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and Teradata. The data-backed results can help you enhance or expand your business, or it can help eliminate any stumbling blocks you might be facing. The company recently surpassed 2000 integrations on their platform, which is no small feat. Here are the top SaaS companies in … Ticker Company 1. Whether you’re looking to get paid via the point-of-sale system, invoicing, or online store, Square has you covered. Twilio is a cloud communication platform that allows software developers to use standard web languages to make and receive phone calls, text messages, and other types of communication. Amplify Intelligence uses human-centric Al and machine learning to build a bank-like cyber defense for businesses. We wanted to show some love for Los Angeles by featuring these 36 companies with combined revenues of $246.7M. The platform is perfect for novice website developers looking to make their first site – in other words, 95% of you reading this article. Foxintelligence gathers and anonymizes millions of online invoices received by customers whenever they make an online purchase and provide reliable insights to business owners.Â, Website: Category: Analytics, Customer Service, Enterprise Software, Messaging, SaaS, Sales, Video Chat Founder: Horst-Georg Fuchs, Markus Wagner, Mathias Holzinger Founded: 2018 Funding: N/A, This is a customer engagement oriented SaaS provider. Adding it to your platform is as easy as ‘drag and drop’ with the least amount of coding. Give Slack a look and see what all the hype is about! It’s an invaluable resource for helping businesses with their marketing efforts. The beauty of Gusto lies in its simple, elegant UI—the antithesis of clunky financial software of yore. Here's a detailed list of SaaS companies in Singapore with their ratings & profiles. Today, vast office suites are now available through SaaS subscriptions. ADP currently employs over 60,000 people, which makes it larger than many state universities, and shows no sign of slowing down. Intercom offers businesses an integrated help desk and knowledge base to solve customer problems faster, giving customer assistance whenever it’s needed. Proud Stripe clients. The big daddy of the list, this is the company that launched the concept based around customer resource management (CRM). Square is a mobile payment solution that offers businesses the ability to get paid via debit and credit card payments, mobile devices, invoices, desktops, and websites. Know more than what meets your eye, take a look at our SaaS companies dashboard as we won't stop until we add every SaaS company in the world to it. Outreach helps businesses become more efficient and productive to reach desired goals. See why over half of the Fortune 100 relies on UserTesting to maximize their customer experiences. Hyper Anna has raised a total of A$17.3M in funding over 2 rounds. Segment provides customer data infrastructure that businesses use to achieve a common understanding of their prospects, customers, and app users – empowering them to use data to create customer-first decisions and experiences. It provides insights for your content at every stage, so you can know exactly what works when. This insightful information offers users the ability to develop and build smarter applications. Plus, AirTable comes with a ton of awesome templates to kickstart your usage. The first in our list of SaaS startups is one that you may have seen over the years. The Squarespace platform offers businesses the ability to build expert style websites without the hassle of coding. This was a Seed round raised on Oct 21, 2019. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Their latest funding was raised on Jul 1, 2016, from a Seed round. It connects your organization’s internal data and system to empower the employees to use the data effectively and improve their overall productivity with better and faster access to relevant information. Here’s a little company that you might have heard of. It also provides insights that could be helpful to agents, realtors, or brokers. Over the years, Chennai has grown to become the SaaS hub in India. Businesses can make diagrams and collaborate and communicate with their teams anytime, anywhere with Lucid. How to track your SaaS growth. 37 Best SaaS Companies & SaaS Products. These days, companies are applying the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to just about everything, from core business functions, including IT, to industry-specific processes. Users can automate their email marketing campaigns and conduct mass outreach to prospects and customers with built-in tracking and insights. Powerful digital asset management, Cincopa has really made a name for itself in terms of video hosting and management. Over 3.3 million people use Basecamp to collaborate on projects and get things done. Eric Siu is the CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain, which has worked with companies such as Amazon, Uber, and Salesforce to help them acquire more customers. See why millions around the world have participated in a survey run by SurveyMonkey. Give the king of landing page builders a whirl and see what it can do for your conversion rates and your bottom line. customers can log in from anywhere with an Internet connection at any time Its platform also provides employees the ability to become a part of a team inbox to stay connected. Relefant is a data management SaaS tool. Website: Category: Apps, Information Technology, Software Founder: Oleksandr Kosovan Founded: 2016 Funding: N/A. CIOs were initially reluctant to go all-in with the cloud. Adobe has more than 21,000 employees around the world and has spent the 2010s watching its stock prices skyrocket. Software as a Service (SaaS) companies provide significant value to customers by hosting applications on their servers over the internet. With its no-frills line of products, LogMeIn specializes in raw functionality, helping make working a pain-free and worry-free experience for professionals around the world. View Profile . As the company’s tagline says, “Zapier makes you happier!”. Concert enables you to set up a flexible plan with turnkey ASC 606 compliance.Â. Employees and teams can also choose to stand out with a professional website, portfolio, or online store. It offers a variety of tools for business marketing, including list management, lead nurturing, email drip campaigns, search and social marketing, plus much more. Reading Time: 24 minutes This article gets updated every month to reflect the latest market data. Our Honorable Mention company, CloudApp, is one of the rising stars in the enterprise content creation space. ; 70% of CIOs are attracted to cloud-based SaaS for its agility and scalability. List of SAAS companies Get contact information of Top decision makers like Founder, CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO, Marketing head, HR head, Finance head along with headquarters, no of employees, revenue, founded year, industry in these companies. Telecommunications juggernaut Cisco is an industry leader in networking, security, collaboration and more. Not only this, but employers can also monitor their performances and give the required feedback. Need a list of Saas Companies Lead Generation Posted 15 days ago. The multinational software company was one of the first to bring productivity, collaboration, mobile, and networking functions into the cloud – and holds powerful partnerships with just about every major SaaS company out there – from Google Cloud to Amazon Web Services to Microsoft. BNFT Benefitfocus, Inc. 2. One of the most innovative aspects of Glassdoor is its review functionality, which offers current and former employees the ability to anonymously review companies and their management. Ardas - Expertise: Web Design & Development, Software Development, SaaS Services. Nearly five decades after its founding, SAP shows no signs of slowing down. It provides the users with three different emojis to click on after every successful transaction and it generates in-depth insights that can help in customer retention and loyalty. Website: Category: Enterprise Software, Gamification, Productivity Tools Founder: Matt Bullock Founded: 2016 Funding: N/A. Most SaaS stocks are exciting, and all the SaaS stocks on this list are very exciting. At nearly 20 years old, the company is going as strong as ever, continuing to roll out new features and surprise and delight its massive customer base. Disclaimer: I work at Freshworks for Freshsales CRM but this list was put together with an intention to help the SaaS Community in Chennai. It also provides usage statistics so you get to know what services are used in your company and which aren’t used at all. Upgrade to the one platform that consolidates many apps. Many new companies across all industries make the mistake of not paying close enough attention to the data. This assistance makes minute adjustments relatively inexpensive while also providing fast outcomes. Since bursting onto the marketing automation scene in 2008, Act-On has built a loyal following of enterprise marketers at clients such as Samsung, 23andMe, and Stanford University. Chorus is a conversation intelligence cloud platform that is helping businesses take the guesswork out of selling and making it 10X easier to build top sales and revenue teams. If you’re looking to join the eCommerce movement, Shopify is your starting point. Check more than 60 SaaS directories and review websites where you can list your business. It empowers the digital workplace for hourly, shift-based and non-desk staff. A true powerhouse in the world of SaaS, Citrix was founded more than 30 years ago in the unlikely location of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is still going as strong as ever. The capabilities are endless with Zapier. It is a gamification SaaS provider for your sales team. Part of the new frontier in customer messaging, Intercom is a worthy addition to this list. You may not know GitHub, but your developers sure do. Also Stripe clients. Over time, they moved their servers offsite using specialized hosting from Microsoft, Amazon, and Rackspace. It’s no surprise that Nextiva was ranked #64 in the United States for 2020. Currently, the Saas market brings $141 billion per year. Box enables businesses to create, collaborate, and disseminate content safely and securely. More than multi-factor authentication, Okta provides administrators fine-grained control employee and data security. Zoho; Zoho is one the best SaaS providers and delivers a diverse suite of business, collaboration, and productivity applications. The company also compiles the best employers in the nation and announces it every year. Check out Qualtrics for your business and get the insights you need to become a better business. To kick off our partnership, we couldn’t be more excited to reveal some findings we discovered through mining the data of 6,452 SaaS companies of all shapes and sizes. Fyle: Expense Tracking and Management Made Easy, Top 10 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Mobile CRM Strategy, Interview with Mr. Yashwanth Madhusudan, Co-Founder & CEO at Fyle Inc. Your search ends here. The transition from on-premise systems to the cloud is in motion and there’s no going back.. Companies need to be more nimble now and subscribing to SaaS helps them avoid the large investments required for on-premise systems. Yup, Zapier can do that, too. It helps organizations manage their online reputation. Â. Website: Category: E-Commerce, SaaS Founder: Antony Kattukaran, Palaniappan Chellapan Founded: 2018 Funding: Tagalys has raised 1 round. In 2019, Gartner updated its online cloud forecast predicting SaaS revenues will total $266.4 billion in 2020. Known for its innovative AppExchange, Trailblazer online community, and annual Dreamforce conference, Salesforce set the path for what CRMs could be, and just celebrated its 21st birthday this month.
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