2 str = “THIS IS STRING EXAMPLE….WOW!! (c) To check whether string has alphanu-meric characters or not Write a program that reads email id of a person in the form of a string and ensures that it belongs to domain @gmail.com. students are advised to check out the complete syllabus and exam pattern with the marking scheme.. Yes friends, we are providing the best ever NCERT solutions class 11 computer science (Python) PDF. else : print “Defualt exapanded tab: ” + NCERT Books For Class 11 To get fastest exam alerts and government job alerts in India, join our Telegram channel . Question 4: 15 15 -1, Question 11: old — This is old substring to be replaced. !8888888”; Strings are immutable means that the contents of string cannot be chrnged after it is created. Question 13: Answer: The method capitalize( ) returns a copy of the string with only its first character capitalized. if a < (length-1): print str.splitlines(O); method : if num < 6 : This will produce the following result : Original string: this is string example….wow!!! i = len (list 1) -1 NCERT Solutions for class 11 Commerce Computer Science solved by subject matter experts. print str.splitlines(5); str = “this is string example….wow!! Answer: Answer: Answer: Default encoding is the current default string encoding. What value will be returned by center (width, fillchar) method in Python. The following example shows the usage of swapcase( ) method. Answer: What will be the output of the script mentioned below? Question 6: ABC language and Modula-3 contributed to Python as a programming language. print “Max character: ” + max(str); Padding is done using the specified fillchar. #!/usr/bin/py thon Below is the example. Answer: Answer: else : !”; print str.isalpha( ); Computer Science in Class 11 is an important and easy to score subject for Class 11 students. imprt re print “with”, maxlength, “characters”, Question 16: >>> str = ‘Meney’ max length = 0 Question 10: Ans. str = “is”; Answer: fillchar — This is the filler character, default is a space. print str.index(str, 40); 2 by Pooja Roy. It includes all the topics given in NCERT class 11 Computer Science textbook. Output count = 0 print ‘C:\\nowhere’ Users can download CBSE guide quick revision notes from myCBSEguide mobile app and my CBSE guide website. Short Answer type Questions  [2 mark each], Question 1: OUTPUT expandtabs(16); What do you understand by traversing a string ? Unit 1 : Computer Fundamentals. P = l – 1 print str.zfill(50); Answer: Answer: Explain zfill (width) with Syntax and Return Value print str.index(str, 40); >>>str = “Hello World” Click on boxes below for Class 11 Computer Science to download solved sample papers, past year (last 10 year) question papers with solutions, pdf printable worksheets, NCERT Books and NCERT solutions for Computer Science Class 11 based on syllabus and guidelines issued by CBSE and NCERT. Answer: Answer: !”; searchl=p.findall(‘Some singer sing well’) else : You can get NCERT Books Class 11 Computer Science easily with the help of the link provided at the end of this page. Answer: !”; Question 1: sub = email [lenm – lendo:] Min character: ! str = “this is string example….wow!! Unit 1 : Computer Fundamentals c\n\nLine4- a b c d”; print str.zfill(40); These are called so because : Number data type stores numerical values and is immutable i.e., value of its object cannot be changed. i = 1 -1 sub = ‘ ‘ Class 11 Computer Science with Python Chapter#4 Strings in Python Preeti Arora Book Solution CBSE BOARD | Study Tech Study Tech; 10 videos; 364 views Question 3: Write the output of the following code a + = 2 NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Computer Science (Python) – Strings Very Short Answer type Questions [1 mark each] Question 1: Explain capitalize( ) method in Python. But now you do not need to step out to buy the book. Defualt exapanded tab: this is string example…. else : Give an example of swapcase( ) in Python (a) To display the last four characters. A cross-platform software is a software that can run well on a variety of platforms like Windows, Linux/Unix, Macintosh, etc. Python treats single quotes the same as double quotes. It means Python is .......... Python's two working modes are : interactive mode and script mode. thwas was string example….wow!!! else : str = “this is string example….wow!! wow!!! re.match( ) on the other hand, only attempts the pattern at the very start of the string. else : lensub 0 wow!! >>> str [3] = ‘h’ Answer: To print the value of a variable, Python uses. Syntax print str.title( ); Master the concepts with our detailed explanations & solutions. string 2 = ” # empty string This method are present only on Unicode objects. sub += string[a] Output : Question 8: for i in range (1, num + 1): Answer: We are providing Sumita Arora Python Class 11 PDF and Sumita Arora Python Class 12 PDF for downloading. The method capitalize( ) returns a copy of the string with only its first character capitalized. What are the advantages/disadvantages of working in script mode in Python? (e) To trim the first four characters from the string. Example : str = “this”; # No space & digit in this string print str.isalpha( ); Question 21: Describe the following method trans.late(table, deletechars=””) str.isdecimal( ), Question 9: Return Value: This method returns padded string. str = “this2009”; # No space in this string print str.isalnum( ); Answer: 5 How you can “update” an existing string ? Answer: CBSE Python Notes which covers the latest syllabus of CBSE and NCERT. this is string example….wow!!! Write a program to count number of ‘s’ in the string ‘successor’. The method expandtabs( ) returns a copy of the string in which tab characters ie. OOOOOOOOthis is string example….wow!!! "Just learn the rules, the rules are consistent", "And most important, you must be persistent ! thwas was really string print str.split( ); print str.split(‘ 1 ); print str.rfind(str, 0,10); The method center( ) returns centered in a string of length width. This book is readily available for CBSE students in the bookstores. Following is the syntax for capitalize( ) method : str.capitalize( ). Check out the latest CBSE NCERT Class 11 Computer Science Syllabus.The syllabus is for the academic year 2020-21 session. CBSE Computer Science with Python E Book Download. !”; print str.replace(“is”, “was”); print str.replace(“is”, “was”, 3); Answer: length = len (string) # !/usr/bin/python Strings are immutable. This method is present only on Unicode objects. Justify your answer str = ” “; Question 11: Name four Python’s basic data types. print (j) (i) To replace all the occurrences of letter „aD in the string with „*? Syntax All NCERT Chapters for Class 11 Computer Science given here are as per the latest syllabus & guidelines of Central Board of Secondary Education, India (CBSE). Example A string can be traversed using for loop or while loop. H*nesty is the best p*licy. print str.isspace( ); !”; From these, CBSE Text Books Class XI Computer Science, students can understand all the concepts better. Answer: Write the syntax for isalnum( ) method. The following example shows the usage of title( ) method
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