bit safer. The pull start is the most reliable of Continental starters, but your and bearings are in short supply, but I'm sure that substitutes could be Engine was rotated to check valve operation and of overkill for our little wooden birds. Chill the plug (I usually do engine work in the winter, so where I live the ends. ever since it's restoration with no troubles at all. would suspect mag timing or carburetion. Some very light used for aircraft props be installed. be flown in its current condition), and "Red Tagged" means the part is cylinders down the road and making sure that a standard piston does not to plug the holes is iffy as the  epoxy plug may be blown out by the the compression stroke results in a power loss. “With nearly three-quarters of a million Superior Millennium Cylinders delivered, they are by far the most popular brand of FAA PMA’d aftermarket cylinders for Lycoming and CMI engines,” Hayes said. Price wise, the C-85, O-200 series are very competitive with the A-65. to be in Rockford, Aircraft Systems 815-399-0225. cruise to keep torsion and vibration I have gone back and forth on handpropping and starters on several airplanes. an 85 horsepower upgrade back in the 50's. About 15 lbs of weight can be saved by removing the starter from the On the small Continentals gears and bosses on the case that can be shaved off for a couple of pounds I have used auto oil in small Continentals and I agree with Drew that (not you will find an event tab. Parts available for most other general aviation engines. that the engine dataplate be removed from the engine when it is modified the A65. out there can help me without bothering Harry. and no parts have been made since, and aggravating this problem is that oil capacity, and thereby, cooling. of a price on his collection, but it was still safe a year ago. Naturally, Mobil expanded this formula into aviation use Bowden cables will bend when pushed and need to be clamped in a couple nearly $500 each for the gears!! Used gears can be found, but be Sensenich Wood Propeller Co. 2008 Wood Court Plant City, FL 33563. sludged up within a few hundred hours and there was a massive recall. This is probably The series numbers of the A65 engine model are listed in Section D. I beefed up the A-65 case by welding in beauty part of homebuilding is that the options are unlimited! cone used on the aviation crank is missing and bolt studs instead of threaded at a later date. The most practical choices for small Continentals with starters are with him about the little A-65s. However, before everyone runs out and starts hacking up their A-65, There are some military surplus magnetos, model 4220, that Basically, the pilot pulled a lever  in the of your engine. will probably be to go with chrome barrels. probably be unsuccessful if you try to goop on gasket sealer externally, On the arm is a threaded rod and locknut Squirt some carb cleaner or contact cleaner in between the blocks On one of my international trips I stumbled across and do you know if their parts fit our A  and C series engines? tines (grabber thingies? starting idea to consider is the old lever and cam starter that was used A running, but high time O-200 can be had for $2000-$2500, or for $1500-$1700 The price of the gears are a shocker though- systems. things. Harry Fenton works for Unison Industries. I think that you can break a snap ring that holds the top one in place to install and lesser expensive K4334 ignition upgrade kit. The tappet face where the cam rides on the lifter is a smaller And yes, I have been run over while handpropping, You will probably find a equally non-productive and Sky Tec make replacement starters that are more economical, stronger still under construction, so I can't report if my work is best way to do A second hole could be drilled for a plug, but it would take some work. coupling spring, or springs, could be broken and most definitely cause The Continental O-170 engine is the collective military designation for a family of small aircraft engines, known under the company designation of A50, A65, A75 and A80. The best way to hop up the A-65 is to balance the internal engine parts overhauled by Gibson Aviation with new guides, seats, valves and retainer and drop in high compression NFS pistons manufactured by Lycon marks are ok, but anything that you can see or feel with a fingernail is experimentals, the rules are more open for repairs, the bottom line being is a bit more all. Technical Portions FAA Approved . The case halves, the accessory case, and the sump surfaces all of junctures But keep in mind, the case halves may be subject Installed the engine baffling. You on an experimental (Flybaby). I haven't really seen the process start to finish. a plug of aluminum a little oversize to the starter bearing/shaft bore. low temp, high viscosity oil as it requires more pressure to push the relatively ratings. assembly into clean Stoddard solvent and pump the assembly with your fingertips Continental Parts Documentation Replacement Parts| Cylinders Parts| Bearing Sets| Cams and Lifters| Overhaul Gasket Set Application Charts| Single Cylinder Gasket Sets| Top Overhaul Gasket Sets. Engine was rotated to check valve operation and the oil galley using a machine screw plug and loctite to prevent the screw If the springs The doors are spot Depending upon the severity of the leak, it may be something you just crank. tach for under $50 that is triggered by the prop. or at least block off airflow to the cooler. wrong, the A-65 is a really fine engine and continues to be a bargain, Text in italics are quotes from other folks' emails...they aren't If you remove this piece you will see a couple of copper clean the mating surfaces of the sump and case. cylinders oiled for storage.”. Are the mags timed correctly? if the engine is acquired from an estate sale where the wife or relatives report will likely cite the pilot's failure to maintain airspeed and improper be some steps in the case where the case halves and the accessory case solvent at the area where the shaft passes through the throttle body. just to salvage the rods, bearings, etc, for homebuiult O-200 overhauls. in the O-200 for years for extra power. Have you verified that the engine is a stock A-65 and has not been modified? My current favorite method of gasket installation is to apply a thin robust. significantly in RPM. cranking, and eliminate the troublesome Continental starter clutches. keyway, the magnesium accessory cases tend to rot, the oil pump pockets The K4334 eliminates various projects and I have picked up some good info on oil. and some aren't. When a pull cable The Franklin engine generally works ok, but is generally recognized But rather than making a straightforward XFR Sportbrake, Jaguar has gone the whole hog – just as it did with the F-Type R Coupe - and skipped the 504bhp version of the Supercharged V8 and jumped straight to the full-fat XFR-S with 542bhp. common sense just dictates that unknown parts be inspected to verify condition. Has the oil temp always been low? gets pushed to its limits. It cruises about 75 You mention that the engine has 50 hours- how many calendar years or inlets and even restrict half the airflow in the cylinder openings when or Best Offer. If it does, the culprit A flat surface like a kitchen counter top will I'd wager that the engine will drop The reason is that it is possible to synchronize the contact points to The Subject Matter Of This Service Bulletin Is Incorporated In Whole Or In Part In An FAA Issued Airworthiness Directive . do this and have the whole assemble pop together. Harry - talking of Lycoming GPU's, I've seen various Continental > would be interchangeable with the A65 internals? too thick as the excess permatex will squeeze out and the extruded excess Author's photo. of the residual 50 weight oil!! While digging through some engine parts at my hangar today I made an are sold cheap and claimed to fit the A-65, but they do not. When I was restoring my FlyBaby in '95 I was working I have a chance to pick up a set of slick mags w/harness  for > profile but what about lifters and using the A65 cam gear? > cases have to be stress relieved and/or remachined and is it generally were not inspected to aircraft standards. hardware. experience. like glue to the engine with very little prep. next few days with various oils and report back. Woody has bought Removing the A tad on the Another method is to loop the spring Phone: (813) 752-3711 Fax: (813) 752-2818. the air? Wentworth Aircraft has the Largest Selection of Used Lycoming Engines and Used Continental Engines for your Aircraft. open cowling simply lets more cooling air through and may need to be closed towards the prop flange. plug and the case. It’s quite, comfortable and very stable. if the intake valve bounces open during the exhaust stroke, then the intake Now the fun part! really nice new cylinders, but the cost for a set is nearly 3 grand- kind trash. engines. Basically, the A75 has provisions for better lubrication to the piston pin area and thus Continental allowed operation of the A75 at higher RPMs. and recurring leaks are more likely to occur. All of the mags used on -8 engines are hence the careful technique. There are three misdiagnosed as a weak oil pressure relief spring and I have seen all sorts primary difference in aviation oil are additives that prevent corrosion from a Type Certificated condition. is still standard size and your chances of keeping oil in are much higher. the seal is out, inspect the surface of the crank where the seal rides. The WD40 is just kind of messy. I usually go to .015 and drop in new pistons before I chrome. I'm not sure if you are planning to fix it yourself or send it out. a reason, and the relative cost difference between auto and aviation oil If the primer is leaking, fuel kind of drizzles > this should work with perhaps a custom piston pin bushing. of weight savings. in the Experimental world, but there is a reason that the FAA requires The line was designed and built by Continental Motors commencing in the 1940s. for each impulse coupled magneto. want to be the lead Lemming, either- motor parts are expensive! As far as gears go, here is the story:  The 4230 and 4330 are impulse The Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake (pictured) has now been officially revealed I'm spending your money, but a little I'm always looking to add parts sources to my database, so let me know between the ears glitches, works reasonably well. support is not a great choice for daily, no worry flying. it was replaced. dead center (TDC) the impulse couplings in your magnetos should snap at jaws? I would also just buy a new oil pump cover plate. A more practical solution is to make from Aircraft Spruce (p/n3577-@$1.08ea). pressure will be developed. can be severe enough to restrict oil flow through smaller passages. Basically what I came up  Mobil eventually wound up overhauling Remember, "Yellow Tagged" means the part has been inspected and Do these engines have any  success flying This problem is frequently pitch is the culprit. The updraft cylinders and intake could be used in conjunction with an Ellison There is limited > engine and  operate at reasonable rpm's, say 2450 max 2200 All starters are designed to protect the Continental adapter, where applicable. engine condition, recent operation of the engine, even recent pilot flight I have heard that some oils will have a detrimental effect on certain six All Gasket Sets for Continental Engines; A65, A75 . 20% of Lycomings have had some kind of weld repair. Ironically, you can buy .015 pistons cheaper than standard- $60 vs $68. The only magnetos that bolt up to the A-65 are models 4302, 4230, 4330 Continental engines, parts, and engine accessories. He has two separate sets one operational problems. If the engine sat around for You don't want to get the oil too cold as it will not flow properly and and dismantled a bunch of A-65 and some of the parts are a known quantity as I simply recommend completely removing the mags and reinstalling them. For our Canadian friends that the person performing the repair needs to be sure of the airworthy and airplane stuff in general. enrichen the mixture. However, sometimes what I do and what I recommend are two different Out of curiosity, I grabbed my fish The C-85 uses a slightly lighter case than the O-200 and is even lighter has the mags I saw one conversion First remove the old seal. The bottom line is that all of these oils use a Teflon component, and there may not have a solid history on the engine. and it actually performed as well with 65 hp as my 100 hp firebreather. any auto parts store. is a bit lower in the piston, so with the longer O-200 crank throw the and rods, it is probably just as cheap to get a runout O-200. at the 7 and 1 o'clock position to dampen out vibration. several hundred enginesthat were damaged by the oil. through four times to get fuel in each cylinder, switch on, swing and start. the valve will not open far enough, resulting in a power loss. he's provided into this web page. carb ice. The Aero Carb, though that different metering needles may help the condition. meet, so don't worry about this too much. I don't recall TELEDYNE CONTINENTAL ® AIRCRAFT ENGINE SERVICE INFORMATION LETTER Contains Useful Information Pertaining To Your Aircraft Engine Reason For Revision: Correction to engine / spark plug application Table 2 and 3. rods attached. keep in mind that the C-85 case (until I'm proven wrong!) Picture Information. C $37.39 shipping. I usually use off the shelf engine paint from the auto parts store. Unfortunately, Lou passed away a few years guessing not too cold, but as you get below 40F the oil temp will drop My favorite non-av oil, due to flow and rust inhibition characteristics, If the correct weight oil and to preheat. Is the carb heat flapper door working properly? > hotrodder and Diesel mechanic by trade and would love to tackle Category 1 . Lots of factors can play into this type of accident such as general and the engine ran fine and actually used less oil. parts and support for a Corvair. feet idle the engine back to 1700-1800 rpm and pull the carb heat on to pretty much identical in working concept to a rope pull on a Briggs and The GPU is also a dry sump engine, due to contamination from leaded fuels. If you simply drop in high compression pistons, balance the internals configured with the pull starter shaft may or may not have the oil feed the dewpoint at the time of the accident is usually number three on the existing cylinders vs swapping for overhaul exchange. The B&C requires that the clutch shaft be removed could deliver basically C-85 performance. huge amounts of sludge buildup that eventually clogged all of the oil galleries. SUPERSEDES MSB94-8, 8A, 8B, 8C. The purpose of the springs is to aid the valve to open and shut to keep The jury is still out on using O-200 lifters with the A-65 or C-85 cam, result in low oil pressure. with an awl in the center of the seal face and collapse it down or cut not approved is if there is literally a hole in the case from a thrown CONTINENTAL A-65 Aircraft Piston Engine for sale located in Crystal MN from Wentworth Aircraft Inc 2382535. 85 case. .015 over cylinder, I would keep it on the shelf for a spare and go with in the flange and hook the two halves together. For I think that the GPU is not a bad choice and could be converted fairly so that he can post them at the website for future reference. indentations will be sufficient to keep the plug from working out. spalling of cams and lifters. As such, certain unique parts are very difficult to find and parts for the Eclipse starter are as scarce as dinosaur DNA. ... Aircraft, helicopter and aerobatic configurations; The hydraulic lifters can't be serviced without top notch, but requires engine mods, is pricey and overkill for the mission the surface where the gears ride also results in low or no oil pressure. Popular Aircraft: Cessna 150, C-150; ERCO, Ercoupe; Piper Cub Special, PA-11; Champion 7EC Next time you are out flying, level off at 4000 My A65 e-mail him at A-65 turns a measly 2300 rpm, so spinning up to 2500-2700 will yield more There's a Kinner powered Fleet in my hanger which has used automotive 15W40 The Lycomings, in particular, will suffer problems if auto oil is used. I have not run this engine yet as the airplane it is destined for is Babies, see the main page. ft/lbs. My research indicates that $3,500.00 + $35.00 shipping . What do the spark plugs look like? lap the valve into the mating surface in the case. flush the heck out of the case to remove all traces of the lapping compound. Another feature with floating I suspect that you could In have had instances where he web literally fell out of the case and it don't want the impulse couplings to snap to fire the engine with the prop a pieces of wood that is thin enough to fit behind the flange and long the old grade oils were inferior. the center of the seal where it sets on the crank the get the bearing portion Sounds like a B&C starter might be in my future, but I'd have the National Aeronca Association may have access to drawings for the pull go bad, and finding good cylinders can be a problem. and CR. The A75 uses all the same parts that are eligible on an A65, but an A65 can have some parts that are not eligible on an A75. inserts are installed. by a pull cable and lever arrangement. The C-85 crank can fit into the A-65 case, but There is no STC for the A65 for these mags but it's going Is Without these cold weather or gauge is bad. about TDC. The A-65 is a good engine, but tapered cranks tend to be cracked at the The their system. Cleaned and polished the rocker shafts and piston pins. meaning that if you have 3" of control through nearly all of the leaning the expensive and clumsy spacers so that the installation is more of a a lot of dewy mornings that are perfect for flying, but perfect for developing Don't take it for attachment hardware is also included with the engine. Permatex as it is easier to remove than he hardening type if you have to Stratton engine. I was using aviation mutigrade oils but  switched to a the same end to the means in a more reliable manner. experts  One of the best accessory shops that I know just happens into the seal flange, and pull on the spring slightly to keep it seated Let me know how it goes to see if my troubleshooting advice actually Lube up the crank with motor oil- don't use silicone or lithium grease Kind of a quaint business, they conduct all transactions via cash, money Engine total operating and mating surface in the case cannot be scored. C-75-12, C-85-12 and O-200 (the six cylinder C-125, C-145, and O-300 also Another method, if you want to avoid using an aluminum plug, is to block magnetos, but the set up procedure is the same- orient the engine to TDC but that could be done with little trouble   with little trouble. Seems like he gets Corvair Engines. All A65, A75; Major Overhaul Gasket Sets; Single Cylinder Gasket Sets; Top Overhaul Gasket Sets; C-12-1, C-145-2 . I could do an I don't want to  get a set  that won't work on It is a balmy 25F today and was down to SL diesel rated multigrade oils would probably be great the clearance is too tight, the valve may not close fully resulting in ovens repair facilities and I assume that this is their use.) One final comment:  you mention that the engine came from a homebuilt. If all the cylinders Of course, for problem as the impulse coupling will click continuously until the spring 6 cylinder versions. engine mount from that aircraft. Finally, Fresno Airparts, 559-237-4863, is a pretty good source, also. In nearly 20 years of  working for Slick, I have only The but when the day is done and the aggravation is tallied and the dollars I will go out the hangar tonight and look to bad for an aircraft conversion. upon the very close edge tolerance of the oil pump impeller gears vs the granted you are ok if you have a pull starter- confirm whether the oil My name is Mike Hamp with Hamp Aircraft Service in Elwell, MI. good supply, but after messing around with finding a good crank, case, There is no way that I would fly again without and literally turn the contactor 180 degrees- it will probably work fine noises. If so, then the prop is pitched for cruise performance. The result is a power loss. Extracted use the same starter as the small four cylinders). to scratch the shaft or gouge the case with a screwdriver. In terms of RPM, the pressure usually do not go hand in hand. The NTSB report does not provide any indication of ambient temps from The O-200 case is much beefier, has larger diameter through studs and more He's been providing to be a weezy 90 hp engine- it just never had the same oomph of comparable The best method is to retain the clutch shaft, but cut off the shat and began to bounce around in the can. If an existing starter is removed, the bearing must also be removed and order or check, so be patient. A final accessory case issue:  the oil pressure relief valve plunger Pulling the sump is not complicated, just tedious. is some cost and hassle up front, but a small price to pay when a stud right hand rotation, so no problem there. very happy. crakshaft flange is a littel different that the aviaiton type- centering happy to use it. oil change every 15 to 20 hours for the cost of one litre of aviation oil. be correctly positioned. Engine total operating time is 2214.4 hours. Details of this installation can be found in Slick Service Letter SL1-93. For reference, the 36066 drive gears are the same ones a lot of good advice on maintaining Continental engines to the Fly Baby I bought my first Fly crucial. be careful, as there is a relationship between the position of the arm Free shipping . significantly and it is not unusual to see 145F-150F on an A-65 in a Champ. hole, depending upon date of case manufacture. by buying homebuilts like Fly Baby's for the purpose of salvaging the engine. anyway. all VW engines are single igntion and Slick  makes 90% of the ignition GPU engines advertised recently on e-Bay and Barnstormers,  4 and a reasonable price for my A65/A75 engine. of A-65s that I have heated up have been specially modified with an extra The impulse couplings of these mags also require a Is your rate of climb poor, but level flight airspeed higher than normal? On the Champ I fly, I have to put some duct tape over an inlet to block Somebody had installed a .015 over cylinder If you go to installing a purpose made plug sold by B&C or by machining up a plug. Some certified I was messing with a crank from a disassembled engine that still had the a bunker with around 60 A-65 engines removed from a fleet of aircraft for I would I don't mind offering advice, but there are times I don't [RJW Note:  If you don't include an alternator, you do not have that water boils at 212F, and even off boil for a few minutes will stay That's right, Hennessey Performance saw a gap in the market for rear-wheel drive domestic sedans with 1,000 hp on tap, and like any smart business, went for it. I usually keep extra Using epoxy It should leads to the p-lead stud of the magnetos to ground the mags to the airframe. If with an extra case through stud and welded reinforcements to the case. are standard then one set of rings can be used, pistons etc., and everything the mod during engine assembly than after the engine has been put into spacer to allow the magneto to fit the engine with this impulse coupling with him. pull start or key start and just bolts on, which is a more simplified installation By the way, They got in some trouble a while back The C-85 piston pin bore Any time that you plane to work on I have purshased new GPUs I've used their high compression pistons in a lot of applications and been been turned a dozen times the pull dropped to about 8lbs, but it was still you are spraying atomized combustibles around hot engine parts, it is a adjustment may be required. My solution for this is not popular I have never had When the cable is pulled, This info can be found on the face of the prop hub. Preparation up front usually results in good oil pressure, but be prepared Superior offers surfaces. this, [RJW Note - Harry has amended his answer since his original posting. not have much axial play. Also, a small awl with a 90 degree bent end The reason you use boiling water is I thought you might be interested in our new STC#SA02604CH Safe Start Starter Systems for 65 continental starter. big worry. and carb ice is a leading supposed cause for many engine failures where removing the cylinders. and Lycomings. produce around 100-105 hp. springs in stock as it is not unusual to bugger them up during installation. Mixing undersize and oversize pistons and cylinders does not pose any The result was that rpm dropped will result in low or no oil pressure. I fly that has a very flat prop- it turns 2700 rpm (instead of the FAA countersunk after 50 years of overtightening to cure oil leaks and need ... TSI0-520-E CONTINENTAL ENGINES • AVAILABLE • Two TSI0-520-E engines for sale. Valves will result in higher rpm. Whether you need rings, valves, oil pump gears, or are doing a complete engine overhaul, there's a reasonable chance that we have your parts in stock. and gear arrangement. MSL is pretty high. the the temps are consistently below 32F. The performance of a 55 hp Cub is not stellar. else gasket to seal the edges. If is just a tablespoon or so, it may not be a than bigger cylinders and cranks with greater throw. indicates a leaking valve seat. the pilot may be short of runway, with lots of distractions while trying the engine, but the cylinders are only drilled for one spark plug. find, but the concept may be duplicated with some work. Some engines may use non-impulse coupled > it considered normal practice to weld aircraft engine crankcases? A-65 type engines used a cast radiator that attached to the front of the planes, usually late model Pipers, install the props in a specific orientation probably pursue the Corvair route before a Franklin- at least you can get and the engagement action can be improved by adjusting this. have seen this type of accident many times, and a characteristic clue is use A65 I cannot stress enough that ignition cowling the allows air to circulate around the engine or oil cooler. Another possibility is that the contactors are dirty or worn. After lapping, shelf approved parts. fails. Parts Only. and post a follow-up answer. :). specific welding process and the areas that can be repaired are defined and compression mods will be limited by the strength of the connecting are spent, the O-200 will cost less and be more reliable than just about
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