The furnishings can be highly customizable to meet each individual need. There’s no need to act as the landlord. Corporate housing is a fully furnished residential apartment, home or condominium which can be rented on a temporary basis, primarily for 30 days or more. Leave the unknown variables to them. But what is the distinction between corporate housing and furnished housing? Corporate housing is a physical space and a full range of services offered to a client/guest, specific to their unique needs. Work From Zeus is a safe and practical way for you or your teams to get their best work done. Don’t waste your valuable time managing each rental. Use this video on your website, social media pages or share with clients to promote the industry. Instead of dealing with strangers and worrying about the behavior of your guests, you could work with a corporate housing company. For your next trip, try corporate housing and find out what all the fuss is about. Terms & conditions apply. This includes employees experiencing a training or transition/relocation, as well as people who have been displaced by disaster or who require long-term medical care. The apartment is often furnished and provisioned so the employee has the convenience of a hotel without the commercial feel. All you need to bring is your suitcase and food for the fridge. Corporate Housing By Owner is also able to benchmark their offering off of high-end hotels and adjust their prices accordingly. You may have come across corporate housing when searching for accommodations, but what is it, exactly? Anyplace simplifies the process of finding the perfect corporate housing option for you in Osaka. A corporate housing property is very different, however. But it can quickly become overwhelming. Written for policy makers and other key stakeholders, this white paper provides key statistics about the corporate housing industry and its economic impact. You’re bound to have a number of questions, especially if you’ve never stayed in one before: * What can I expect in a corporate apartment? There was an error submitting your email. Subscribe for announcements, articles, and offers. Corporate Housing is a niche segment of the lodging industry and goes by many different names such as temporary housing, furnished apartments, short term housing, serviced apartments, extended stay housing, and many others depending on where in the world you may be from. Corporate housing is typically located within apartment communities and includes furniture, a full kitchen, a private bath, linens, housewares, electronics, and utilities. Corporate housing is more than four walls; it is everything you need to live away from your permanent home. When looking for housing beyond the standard realm of hotels, there are usually plenty of options available. Corporate Housing Available in Cincinnati, OH comes in many forms. Furnished can signify a partially or fully furnished living space. In addition to a washer, dryer, and a fully equipped kitchen, corporate housing can also offer: Most corporate apartments have all their fees included in the price, including: Say goodbye to hidden fees and additional charges! Consider renting your home through corporate housing. While researching corporate housing, you may have come across the option to get involved yourself. Moreover, you can enjoy the luxury and ease of a hotel without the hefty costs. Key Findings. Learn More. ? Clients are most often vetted professionals and their families. Corporate housing is a multi-billion dollar segment of the lodging industry offering furnished residential monthly rentals. This way, you already have a vetting process in place. Corporate Housing Will be Safer Than Hotels - in general, corporate housing has less traffic and more controlled access than a hotel and typically at a lower cost per night – which makes this solution a logical choice for extended stay needs. It’s one more step that guarantees the safety of your homestead. Download white paper. In many cases, Corporate Housing accommodations take place in an apartment setting, but this is not always the case. Offering beautiful furnished studios, apartments, and homes in multiple bustling metros, the Zeus team are experts in comfortable, work-wired corporate housing. Typically, with an online presence, you can check out their reviews and credentials to gauge the quality of their services. You’ll receive your pay on-time every time—no matter what. The rate for corporate housing also includes all utilities. The company will conduct rigorous screenings on potential clients. Often, corporate housing is regarded as a cost-efficient alternative to hotels. Corporate housing is most appealing to people who travel for work and are away on business for weeks or months at a time, and it’s a different style of housing. when searching for accommodations, but what is it, exactly? The video below gives a brief overview of the corporate housing industry. A business-to-business model, professionally-managed corporate housing provides furnished housing to individuals, military personnel, and corporations, typically for longer than 30 days and less than one year. Thus, the style reflects the long-term housing needs of individuals that rely on this specific model. Corporate housing is fully furnished temporary housing, typically in an apartment setting. The available units can range from extended stay suites in a hotel to fully furnished condominiums or apartments. , you might never go back to overpriced hotels and the complicated process of renting a property on your own. Environment – Unlike corporate housing, Airbnb offers the option to stay in the homes of landlords that still reside on the premises, sometimes sharing the space. If needed, Select Corporate Housing will make special key arrangements for your convenience. Can I List My House for Corporate Housing? This welcomes more instability in the ambiance, whereas corporate housing offers total privacy. Environment – Unlike corporate housing, Airbnb offers the option to stay in the homes of landlords that still reside on the premises, sometimes sharing the space. Corporate housing providers pay taxes and other required financial obligations, abide by property zoning laws, health and safety codes, community lease restrictions on minimum stays, and other local regulations. Liability – The regulation regarding companies like Airbnb is still murky. It also can be a property that is rented for a night, week, month or year. To hire and schedule a cleaner? A corporate apartment is the best of both worlds and an optimal option for an extended stay. The Downside. Are you wondering how to find a job in another state before moving there? All of those timely transactions can be handled by a company like Zeus Living. To that end, what is corporate housing by the owner of a home? Corporate housing always comes fully furnished and serviced, so occupants don’t need to worry about providing furniture, kitchenware or bedding like they might if they were on a month-to-month lease. Corporate housing is usually designed to be a temporary or short-term arrangement. A corporate housing property is thoughtfully “furnished” with a corporate user in mind. It’s typically used for extended business travel or when moving to a new city for work. Legal Restrictions – Viewed as a short-term form of accommodation, Airbnb is subject to rental laws. Corporate housing is apartments or houses that are rented out completely furnished on a short term basis. If you’re in the market for a corporate housing company, consider Zeus Living. Try again or email us at. Offering beautiful furnished studios, apartments, and homes in multiple bustling metros, the Zeus team are experts in comfortable, work-wired corporate housing. Now that can be month-to-month, that can even be a couple of years if need be. Copyright © 2020 CHPA. how to find a job in another state before moving there. Access the Best Corporate Housing Options in Osaka . Corporate houses can easily turn banks into a source of funds for their own businesses. Download white paper. Corporate housing has also become a popular choice for interns, students, travelers, or even individuals seeking a temporary housing arrangement while their home is being renovated. You’ll undoubtedly find a lot of housing options. To advertise your property? Step 6: Submit Your Notice-to-Vacate. Whether you are a business traveler, family on vacation or temporarily in between homes, corporate housing is the solution to your housing needs. Just bring your suitcase and move in. Professional providers coordinate these units to include furniture, housewares, amenities, cable, phone, electric, water, etc., usually at one inclusive cost to the company and typically for 30 + days. Corporate housing is fully furnished, serviced housing available to rent on a temporary basis. When you’re away for extended periods of time, you want to experience the same conveniences you do in your own house—laundry, homemade meals, amenities, etc. Because of this, TurnKey, your experts in the Washington, DC area, can offer the perfect temporary housing solution. Corporate housing is fully furnished temporary housing, typically in an apartment setting. Yes, this means big money. We advise you to look into a corporate housing company. Guaranteed Quality – Zeus inspects, furnishes, and tests each location themselves, ensuring that you’ll love your stay. Minimize the stress and anxiety of planning a long trip by giving corporate housing a chance. And what is a corporate house style like? You won’t ever have to worry about someone skipping out on rent or causing any complications. We send the occasional announcement or savings offer. In addition to being furnished, all utilities and other services are included. Contact Select Corporate Housing at any time if there is something we can do to make your stay more enjoyable. View our privacy policy. Move-in ready, clean, and fully equipped upon arrival, our corporate apartments offer so much convenience at 30%-50% less than most hotels. The industry is divided into 3 products: serviced apartments; managed private residences and by owner rentals. Enjoy the convenience of helpful touches like on-call support staff, self check-in, and transparency throughout your whole experience with Zeus Living. All rights reserved |Privacy Policy | Designed by: WSI, Corporate Housing Providers Association - CHPA. Executive corporate housing is typically apartment-style rental accommodations paid for by a company for the use of its employees.