In a normal year, cruise ships carrying up to 4,000 passengers transit Glacier Bay’s steep-walled fjords hundreds of … High winds, flooding and landslides caused moderate to severe damage in communities across Southeast Alaska Wednesday, as an atmospheric river … Scientists have found such an unstable slope near Barry Glacier in Alaska, the United States that stands the chance of failing and causing a mega tsunami bringing damage and destruction on a massive scale. Potential Landslides and Tsunami Hazards in Glacier Bay, Alaska Release Date: September 30, 2020 USGS landslide scientists recently completed an investigation that provides an initial assessment of areas where landslides could enter the water of Glacier Bay and generate tsunamis. particularly significant in and around Anchorage. NASA Earth Observatory images by Joshua Stevens, using Landsat data from the U.S. Geological Survey. In Alaska, degrading permafrost, steep slopes, heavy rain, retreating glaciers, ground-shaking from earthquakes, and isostatic Landslides are common in Southeast Alaska and the U.S. Forest service has documented thousands of these features in Tongass National Forest. On 17 October 2015, a landslide of roughly 60 × 10 6 m 3 occurred at the terminus of Tyndall Glacier in Taan Fiord, southeastern Alaska. And heavy rainfall brought Falls Creek near Petersburg to flood stage on Tuesday — the highest level ever recorded on a stream gauge there. “No major hills — landslides or slides  of anything. There is at least one person not accounted for at this time. federal government agencies, and the general public. (Rashah McChesney/KTOO) High winds, flooding and landslides prompted average to extreme injury in communities across Southeast […] damage to infrastructure, including roadways and homes. Landslides in Alaska. Authors: Stevens, D.S.P., Wolken, G.J., Hubbard, T.D., and Hendricks, K.A. The massive landslide in Lituya Bay, Alaska on July 9, 1958 caused a wave 1,700’ tall to wash away vegetation along the shores of the bay. roads impacted by slope instability and has web sites with information along the state's road system (Unstable Slopes in Alaska; AKDOT&PF's Geotechnical Asset Management Program). On May 14, an Alaska Department of Natural Resources press release and a public letter from 14 scientists warned locals of a possible landslide-generated tsunami. Because landslides can potentially impact people and infrastructure in Alaska, DGGS conducts studies to evaluate unstable slopes and provide valuable information to policy makers, state and At the landslide's current elevation, its mass would trigger a tsunami with waves hundreds of feet tall in Barry Arm. and debris (coarse-grained materials) that move downslope by fall, slide, or flow. According to the experts, the catastrophe can come within the next 12 months or in the coming 20 years. Landslides in Alaska. The Juneau airport saw nearly five inches of rain in a 24-hour period — a new record for daily rainfall. “It is well established that Alaska sees large landslides in the spring, and that their increasing size and frequency is driven by global heating,” Petley wrote. Landslides are often complex, involving multiple types of movement and material, and may begin as one type of This region has a long history of tsunami waves generated by … As of about noon Wednesday, he says water levels are coming up to some homes’ baseboards and door seals, and the river carved away a small embankment near city hall, but he hasn’t had to close roads. As much as she has her eye on rain and wind, Seibert has her eye on this measurement, which is akin to soil moisture, but relevant to landslides. Thorne Bay resident Sam Sawyer says he was heading into Klawock for a doctor’s appointment when he came across a landslide blocking state highway 929 near Black Bear Creek Monday, October 26, 2020. Nearly a foot of rain fell in Pelican over the last 48 hours. On May 14, an Alaska Department of Natural Resources press release and a public letter from 14 scientists warned locals of a possible landslide-generated tsunami. We’re still sorting through that trying to come up with all those numbers but we are in the process of doing that and it’s looking like a very wet and unfortunately eventful storm system coming through as we also are seeing a lot of landslides, mudslides and flooding across the area.”, RELATED: As record rains drown Southeast, destruction appears worst in Haines. In general, landslides are classified based on the material type being transported and the mechanics of how the material moves. In 2004, an area of the Alaska Highway near Northway was rerouted because of a slope failure. No … Frozen debris lobe FDL-A approaching the Dalton Highway in the southern Brooks Range. A landslide is the down-slope movement of earth material, under the influence of gravity, due to ground failure. There are many examples of landslides that have significantly impacted Alaska. Water and debris washed out and blocked many roadways. The National Weather Service models show the storm front finally starting to move out of the region Wednesday evening, but heavy rain will continue throughout the day until then. For a closer view, Alpine Air Alaska has posted aerial photographs and a video. Many regions in Alaska are especially prone to landslides. Joshua Huskey said there hasn’t been any catastrophic damage. mass movement and evolve into another as material moves downslope. Take a look at these impressive numbers. “Yeah, we’ve had quite a few landslides here in town, lot of debris in the roads. These include the numerous ground failures that resulted from the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake, which were Landslides in Alaska. With reporting from Erin McKinstry, Jeremy Hsieh, Rashah McChesney, Henry Leasia and Joe Viechnicki. For a closer view, Alpine Air Alaska has posted aerial photographs and a video. An open letter signed by 14 scientists with expertise in landslides, tsunamis and climate change warns of an unstable mountain slope above the leading edge of the retreating Barry Glacier in Alaska. © Alaska Public Media 2020. Landslides and rising water across Southeast as rain breaks records and keeps falling, Jennifer Pemberton, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau, Rhett Morgan said about 2-3 inches of water flowed into his garage, Evacuations and a search for missing after rains prompt large landslide in Haines, Here’s ASD’s latest plan to bring Anchorage students back to classrooms, Unable to reach hospital because of weather, Pilot Station man dies of COVID-19. (Photo courtesy of the Alaska State Library historical collection) The City and Borough of Juneau is warning residents to be prepared in case heavy rains and snowmelt cause landslides … Recent DGGS projects have assessed geotechnical characteristics relating to a landslide that occurred in September 2012 near the Dalton Highway bridge over the Yukon River; Its Port St. Nicholas Road has seen at least four slides since late October — including one on Saturday, Nov. 28 that was cleared the following day. Landslide potential depends on a number of factors, including topography (slope), The drainage water systems have been flooding over the roads. Photo from U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey archives. In Gustavus, Fire Chief Travis Miller says the Salmon River hit its highest level on Wednesday since monitoring began in 2014. KETCHIKAN, Alaska (AP) — A landslide in a city near the southern tip of the Alaska Panhandle demolished the back side of a grocery store. Damage from the 1958 Lituya Bay megatsunami can be seen in this oblique aerial photograph of Lituya Bay, Alaska as the lighter areas at the shore where trees have been stripped away. The researchers said: “Landslides have set off giant waves elsewhere in Alaska and Greenland during the past decade. In August 2015 there were more than 60 landslides in and around Sitka after heavy rains inundated the region. The ensuing splash reached more than 1,700 feet (530 meters) in height.