Nettles are native to Western North America, Northern Africa, Europe and Asia. Nettle has long been recognized for its bounty of nutrition as well as its sting. Not only is it highly nutritious (rich in Vitamin A, C, D, K, iron, calcium and protein), it’s also delicious, versatile, easy to recognize, and free. When the beeswax has melted take the saucepan off the heat, cool slightly then pour into a bowl. Once the central nervous system is affected, your horse may experience permanent side effects. Harvesting Nettles in Summer Toxicity can be mild to moderate or moderate to severe. When dried, the proportion of albuminoid matter in Nettles is as high as in linseed cake and the fat content is also considerable.”  “In Holland, and also in Egypt, it is said that horse dealers mix the seeds of Nettles with oats or other food, in order to give the animals a sleek coat.”. There are many ways to use your nettle, I choose to dry mine and depending on how much time or space I have I will most likely use one of three methods. Where can I get nettle seed to sow in my paddocks? Additionally, the young tender shoots of the fresh plant may be cut down and left to dry where the horses will gobble them up, as once they are dried the sting will go. It can be seen that the nettle plays a very important role for both rural and urban wildlife - indeed some of the insect species such as the nettle weevil live only in the nettle patch. Picking stinging nettle and using it in various recipes is well worth the effort. Can I chop stinging nettles and leave them in the ménage for him to eat liberally or must I restrict the amount please? Nettles as a herbal medicine for horses. © Victoria Ferguson Nettle is a circulatory stimulant, and a great cleanser of the blood. Old screen doors make useful hangers as well. It can also increase the hay’s bacterial load. Dried leaf or fresh leaves boiled for a few minutes or wilted to remove the stinging action, for use as a spring tonic or nutrient feed supplement. Horses can be allergic to nettles and can develop a rash. No longer an unsightly nuisance plant but a potential herbal asset to your healing repertoire. Many nettle patches hold overwintering aphids which swarm around the fresh spring growth and provide an early food source for ladybirds. Some horses do have a nettles allergy that causes problems within the gastrointestinal tract. Place the bowl into a larger bowl filled with cool water and stir with a wooden spoon. Sinus Disease in Horses. The nettle supports over 40 species of insect including some of our most colourful butterflies. In this, she asks us to recognize and honor the worth of what she gives; if you’re willing to hazard the sting to gain her treasure, you’re more likely to value what you have taken. by Victoria Ferguson | Sep 19, 2016 | Case Histories, VF Natural Feeding | 3 comments. Dried nettles can be added straight to feed half a cup per day for an average size horse. Will they grow here? Historically Nettles have been used to help support a healthy blood supply and circulation. Packed in 1kg tubs and 1kg bag refills. PharmaHorse Nettles can be mixed with your horse's daily feed. Nettle fibers have been found in burial cloths from the Bronze age, also closely linking this plant with the threshold between life and death, and giving credence to the various folklore bits that describe Nettle as growing from or near the dead. Very good comment Angela especially as Australia has iron rich soils which are also usually copper deficient. I dont really know if they are true but I was googling effects of stinging nettle on horses ad there were serval sites saying that you can dry out the leaves I think it was and feed it to horses and it helps with something. Commonly the dried leaf is used. Orlando Says Buy Your Chrissie Presents From My Mum, Useful Herbs For Horses & Their Humans – Comfrey, WP Equi-Vital All-Natural Feed Supplement. Nettle is a diuretic, which means that it helps in flushing out harmful chemicals and excess liquids from the body. Chlorophyll (very rich source), formic acid (causes stinging), histamine, iron, vitamin C, minerals – calcium, chromium, magnesium, zinc, cobalt, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, silica. • Reduces arthritis pain. Nettle (Urtica dioica)- Nettles sting the inside of a horse s mouth, so horses generally will not eat them willingly.,,, Rachel Kelly Equine Herbalist - Graney Road - Lower Plunketstown - Castledermot , Co Kildare, Ireland, Mobile: 085 746 7386 - Telephone: 059 9144 997 -, Nettles vary in their stinging intensity and as you can see from the photos on this page of my horses wading through them and eating them, these must be quite mild. I never use dried herbs as medicine, because I always use at least five herbs in a prescription, I can do this easily with liquid herbal extracts which are a potent medicine with a relatively small dosage and highly absorbable in this form. Iron is needed for the production of red blood cells and haemoglobin. The species name dioica comes from the botanical term dioecious meaning that a species has either male or female flowers. This how to video is a great step-by-step tutorial on drying stinging nettle. Astringent, antiseptic, diuretic, alterative, tonic, trophorestorive (bringing balance to a system, in this case nettle seed is a trophorestorative to the kidney and adrenal glands). The stinging nettle is one of the most important native plants for wildlife in the UK and Ireland. It is often found growing in the wild in many parts of the world. Old screen doors make useful hangers as well. The antioxidant properties of the nettle plant have been observed to help minimize inflammation. Turn every couple of days or so until dry. Nettles were much used as a substitute for fodder during the war, and instructions for their use were laid down by German military authorities. Mint Images/Getty Images. Sleep Disorders in Horses. Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has been a staple in herbal medicine since ancient times, such as to treat arthritis and back pain. I dont really know if they are true but I was googling effects of stinging nettle on horses ad there were serval sites saying that you can dry out the leaves I think it was and feed it to horses and it helps with something. The power of nutrition in its natural form. Wisdom handed down from ancient times includes advice on using nettle to protect one’s self from lightning, to enhance fertility particularly in men, to reduce the swelling of arthritic joints, to heal the sick and bestow courage on those who carry it as well as how to avoid being stung by nettle. The sting in the leaves is due to histamine that can be easily destroyed with drying. Nettle contains high amounts of iron and vitamin C. Vitamin C improves the body’s absorption of iron, which aids in alleviating anemia and fatigue. Your email address will not be published. Nettles being strengthening and tonic to the whole body may produce a very lively response! For me, there’s nothing more comforting than having this natural herbal drink as part of my daily life. CAUTION: Some horses are allergic to nettles and will get a “nettle rash”, be sure to test a small amount of nettles with your horse before feeding in large amounts. Of course Nettles are also valuable for their highly bio-available Magnesium. Nettles can be used to help treat- Anaemia, laminitis, cellulites, lymphangitis, arthritis, rheumatism, respitory issues, assists healing of all injuries, skin allergies, blood cleanser, spring hair tonic to hasten shedding of winter coat, nutritive boost. Stinging nettle is mentioned in the Nine herbs charm. Anaemia, laminitis, cellulitis, lymphangitis, arthritis, rheumatism,  assists healing of all injuries, skin allergies, blood cleanser, spring hair tonic to hasten shedding of winter coat, nutritive, Alterative, stimulates arterial circulation, spleen tonic, raises red cell count, improves oxygenation of the blood. Horse nettle poisoning: Horse nettle is a herbaceous plant which has prickles and bears yellow berries. Nettle was once widely … Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry  place and your newly harvested nettles will last months. So many herbs are both food and medicine and Nettles are demonstrably one of the most valuable herbal medicines and feeds for horses. Nettle may be used as a daily feeding supplement for lactating mares, laminitic ponies, arthritic horses and for cases of anemia and poor condition. Feeding Nettles As A Supplement. Severity of toxicity will determine which parts of the plant your horse ingested and how much. If you are gathering nettles to dry yourself, take great care that they have not been sprayed with weed killer or anything potentially harmful to your horse. Learn how to dry herbs, particularly nettle. Stinging nettle is a highly nutritious and delicious wild plant that has both edible and medicinal benefits. Can occasionally cause an itchy skin rash known as urticaria or nettle rash, from contact with the fresh plant. The most notable nettle patch inhabitants are the small tortoiseshell and peacock butterfly larvae which feed in large groups hidden in silken tents at the top of the nettle stems. The skin surrounding the hives may be red. What if you want to leave part of the greens for the winter to arrange vitamin feeding in the cold season? Urtica is derived from Latin verb urere, which means "to burn," and is named such due to its stinging (urticate) hairs. I often add dried Nettles leaves to diets, because of the nutrients they offer, to provide some much needed Chlorophyll,  especially where horses have no significant grazing, and/or no green hay such as lucerne, either due to lack of availability or it not being suitable for that individual. Horses generally won't eat this plant unless they have nothing else to eat. Horses don’t usually eat stinging nettle, but if they lie down or roll on the plant, glassy hairs from the plant’s leaves and stems cause a skin reaction characterized by wheals or hives and an intensely painful stinging sensation that may last 24 hours or more. Yay! The more serious the toxicity is, the more guarded the prognosis of recovery becomes. Herbalists have prescribed the use of nettle in treating urinary tract infections as well, because of its ability to cleanse and dispel toxins. This product is 100% nettle and the manufacturer states that there is no recommended daily dose. Chaff bags come in handy for this too. This formula is also helpful in resolving skin infections such as mud fever and greasy heel in conjunction with my Artisan Skin Healing Balm. Store the fully dry leaves in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Whenever a body is lacking homeostasis, the circulation needs help, because it delivers nutrients into all the cells and removes waste products from them. ... Drying nettles this way can take a couple of weeks or so depending on the weather. Skin Tumors in Horses. When nettle has come into your life, especially around a project you’re nurturing, take time to ensure you and those who might benefit from your work recognize and value your contribution. • Alleviates allergic reactions. Because Nettles also improves oxygenation of the blood, it works well as a preventative. Drying nettles this way can take a couple of weeks or so depending on the weather. Be prepared before you harvest. If you love your herbs like I do then Spring time is definitely a time full of anticipation as your gardens and paddocks will soon become a smorgasbord of natural healing potential. Helps detoxify the body. Nettles is a fabulous spring tonic and will hasten the shedding of the winter coat to reveal the new lustrous coat underneath. Here are 6 evidence-based benefits of stinging nettle. Nettles are not as high in iron as they are in magnesium which is a plus and mostly in Australia we need to get better sources of natural copper into the feed to balance the iron. If this happens, stop feeding nettle. This accelerated growth catches most barefoot horse owners – and many trimmers – by surprise for the first few years. This means that it is an excellent herb to feed for conditions like arthritis, rheumatism and laminitis. Gently squeeze remaining oil from chux once cooled. You can dry the plant in the required quantity and give it already in a dry form all … Your weeds are a truly valuable and most often overlooked natural resource that should be tapped into. or make a herbal tea to dampen down feed. I knew nettle soup good for people, did not realise so good for horses. Do you know how to make stinging nettle tea? In this formula the action of Nettles is potentiated with Yarrow and Echinacea which stimulate red and white blood cell production and Red Clover for its high copper content. Larger sizes available. Let the nettle dry, chop, mix with hay or other wild healthy herbs. Spread your nettles on a flat drying surface out of the weather. My best advice is buy a decent pair of garden gloves, wear a long sleeved shirt, long trousers and boots, and proceed with caution as the nettle sting can smart. Chlorophyll is green blood, there is only one atom different in the molecules of chlorophyll and haemoglobin. Dust Mites: Minimizing Exposure in Dogs and Cats. And most importantly all green feeds contribute some Omega 3 fatty acids to the diet. Mrs M Grieve in her historic work A Modern Herbal (first published in 1931) states: “Nettles are of considerable value as fodder for livestock, and might be used for this purpose where they occur largely. Elősegíti a szép és fényes szőrzet kialakulását, valamint támogatja a bőr és a keringési rendszer egészségét, a húgyutakat és a test normál folyadékszabályozásának fenntartását. These same aphids are eaten in large numbers by blue tits and other woodland birds agile enough to dart around the stems. Recently I had to remove Nettles from the diet of a Quarter Horse mare who responded this way and within 3 days of their being taken out, her normal energy levels returned. 1. The Nettle is a lively plant, and being a strengthening tonic to the whole body, can sometimes raise energy levels too much. If protected from light and kept dry, the dried leaves of nettle will last for 18 months in storage. It can be used to aid in the prevention of rhinitis, or the inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nose. Yorkshire Fog (Holcus lanatus)- The plant is not harmful to horses, but it has little nutritional value. They are a problem because they grow rapidly, smothering more desirable plants. Stinging Nettles is one of the wild foods that come up every Spring in our garden. Turn every couple of days or so until dry. Nettles for horses are rich in Iron and Vitamin C, and most horses will happily eat them out in the fields once they have been chopped down an allowed to wilt so they loose their sting. This herb also contains a considerable amount of potassium, a mineral that reduces tension in your arteries and blood vessels. Horses would never eat sprouted seeds in the wild. When I get home I will try and find the sites and post links When this vital function is disrupted as in illness and injury, healing cannot take place effectively. In dried form. Once removed the plants can be placed on top of the each other and tied off in bunches. If you’ve ever gotten your boot stuck while leading your horse through a paddock gate, you know what I mean. Storage recommendation: The product should be stored in a cool, dry place in the original packaging, beyond the reach of children. Like the eclectics that came before, you will soon discover that these plants are truly unique and deserve their place as herbal healers, but pickers beware they are not called stinging nettles for nothing!! Nettles cream or ointment will take the sting away. If you are using dried herbs simmer very slowly and keep heat to a minimum as there will be no steam. Skin Disease in Horses. • Promotes healthy blood circulation and cardiovascular health. There are a wide variety of inexpensive ones available. It is a highly nutritious vegetable that I like to dry for tea. Nettles grow on any nitrogen rich soil where animal excreta accumulates. Here are over 40 stinging nettle recipes for when you have an abundance of this awesome wild plant! Some horses will eat nettles fresh but most would prefer them to be wilted so cutting and allowing them to dry is the way forward for most.